The September 11 strikes in new York in 2001 motivated the US intrusion of Afghanistan. 20 years on, the Taliban has actually again seized manage of Afghanistan adhering to the tap the money of us troops native the country.

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There was chaos on the highways of new York City as workers fled the collapse of the world Trade Center's pair towers and emergency crews rushed in priziv.orge help. 

Many fortunate sufficient to escape would define seeing 2 planes flying into the above buildings. 

A priziv.orgplete of 2,977 world died the day.


Four planes were hijacked ~ above 11 September 2001. The strikes were priziv.orgbination by al-Qaeda, which the UN defense Council lists together a terror organisation along with many countries including Australia. 

Along through the 2 planes the hit the human being Trade Center, one plane flew into the Pentagon and another crashed into a ar in Pennsylvania as soon as passengers overpowered the hijackers.

Then-US president George W. Shrub addressed a frightened nation - and a watching people - the evening.

"Freedom itself was struck this morning, by a faceless coward. Do no mistake, the United claims will hunt down and also punish those responsible because that these cowardly acts," that said. 

Osama Bin Laden 

Worldwide attention turned priziv.orge the leader and financier that the team responsible; Osama Bin Laden. The Saudi fugitive had been threatening to injury the united state for decades. 

In 1998, that had claimed a fatwa explain the us had claimed war against God and also his messenger, and calling for the killing of Americans. In Bin Laden's words, the 'godlessness' the US culture and society was in opposition priziv.orge his world view.


Professor Admad Shboul is the previous chair of the department of Arabic and Islamic researches at the college of Sydney.

When the 9/11 strikes took place, it to be after midnight in Australia and also he to be listening to the BBC World organization from his transistor radio. The present affairs conversation was interrupted through an announcement that among the towers had been hit by a aircraft and he immediately went downstairs to switch on the TV.

“I believed I was witnessing among the worst days in contemporary history,” the told News. 

I thought I was witnessing among the worst days in modern-day history.

- Professor Admad Shboul ~ above 9/11

“One that the points I go on that day in ~ the university of Sydney, to be to discuss the occasion with mine students in class, instead of the all set lecture. We questioned the possible ramifications. The mood to be sombre.”

“I tho think the the assaults of September 11 2001 and also the US-led invasion of Iraq in in march 2003 have adjusted our civilization drastically because that the worse.”

Religious extremism

Professor Shboul said extremists check out violence as crucial to defend their priziv.orgmunity, and also al-Qaeda had actually a narrow-minded misinterpretation that the main religious message of Islam, the Qur'an.

“Unfortunately some priziv.orgmentators speak 'you have to go ago to the Qur'an to recognize this. Ns don't agree through that.


"The Qur'an, choose the Bible, is priziv.orgplete of all sorts that things. It depends what you pick out that it. The trouble is, al-Qaeda and also the human being who taught Bin Laden around Islam choose up the verses that talk about jihad and misinterpret them."

Most Muslims would uncover their action "abhorrent" he said. 

"It's choose the fundamentalists in Christianity, it's choose the white supremacists and also so on. That happens once you have an ideological background that's misunderstood or a religion, or a civilisation, or social identity that bepriziv.orges for this reason narrow. And it can happen in any type of priziv.orgmunity, in any kind of society."

Rebel forces

In the years leading as much as 9/11, the Taliban provided a safe haven because that al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. While in power from 1996-2001, they available al-Qaeda a base where it could freely recruit, train, and deploy militants to various other countries.

They, and also other rebel groups, had got strength - v international assist - during the 1979-1989 Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

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Saudi Arabia and also the US offered billions the dollars of secret assistance priziv.orge rebel groups and warlords inside Afghanistan. Once the Soviets were forced out, an effective armies to be left behind.