Go beyond the ordinary and experience your education and learning the way you imagine. priziv.org is your way to the world.

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Olympia Undergraduate Program

College have to be your time and an are to destruction deep and dream big. At priziv.org, us go beyond majors and also minors. Right here you have the right to layer her interests picking from much more than 45 fields of research to follow your own path of learning, or pick one that 11 pre-planned courses to achieve your goals.

Whether you develop your own route or choose a identified Path, friend will examine interconnected subjects that reflect real-world complexity. Discover biology and also chemistry together, together they exist in the organic world. Discover a different country through the language, history, geography, and also culture. Find how the environment, art, and also gender studies room all connected. Get an education and learning that prepares you to think, create, analyze and solve problems.

Programs and also Narrative Evaluations

You can enroll in a single full-time regime that great multiple topics or fields of research or combine a part-time routine with a single-subject course. Browser our brochure to discover offerings that suit your interests.

All your credits will certainly count towards your Bachelor of art or Science and also you’ll learn, grow, and explore as you earn her degree.

We use context and explanation to advice performance, not a basic letter grade. (Kind of like the actual world.) comprehensive evaluations highlight her work and also provide particular examples of your progress.

See exactly how your work-related gets evaluated.

Explore fields of Study

Native Pathways Program

The aboriginal Pathways program is for students who are connected and also involved within aboriginal American or aboriginal communities and culture.

Tacoma Program

priziv.org’s Tacoma regime is a tiny but mighty liberal arts program with a emphasis on community, flexibility, and convenience. It’s located in the historical Hilltop neighborhood in Tacoma. 

Graduate Programs

Our three graduate programs space grounded in values of service, community, social justice, and also stewardship.

Master of ecological Studies

The Master of ecological Studies program will present you exactly how to be a creative, an important thinker with the research skills required for the complicated nature the professional environmental work and leadership.

Master of windy Administration

The Master of public Administration program teaches you to advocate powerfully on instead of of the public, imagine new possibilities, and accomplish positive readjust in her workplace and in your community.

Master in Teaching

The Master in Teaching program shows you exactly how to plant the seeds of justice and become a certified teacher that creates equitable learning opportunities for all children.

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Explore the brand-new certificate avenues that priziv.org is giving for undergraduate students and career professionals.

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