In the image, 2 of the proud young fishermen, 4-year-old Levi and also 3-year-old Logan, organize their “catch” in their hands, however the youngest, Landon, decided to mix it up

Snapping a cute picture of three kids isn’t always easy – however sometimes, you strike gold.

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That’s what happened to a Wisconsin mother whose photo of her three sons took end social media this week.

Marika Daniels, who recently moved with her family to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, common a picture of her three boys after a pilgrimage to a children museum in Brookings, south Dakota.

There, the youngsters were may be to walk "fishing" in a pond, which had actually fake fish in the for youngsters to catch.

In the image, 2 of the proud young fishermen, 4-year-old Levi and 3-year-old Logan, organize their “catch” in their hands, yet the youngest, Landon, determined to mix it up.

The 18-month-old instead put the fish in his mouth.

Daniels claimed she didn’t realize what she had captured until later.



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“When i was taking the picture, i was focused on acquiring Levi and also Logan come look in ~ my camera. I told everyone to host the fish increase by your face and also Landon take it it fairly literally,” Daniels told NBC 5. “I didn"t yes, really realize the did that till after ns looked with my photos on the phone. I just giggled once I experienced the picture and believed "oh, Landon.’”

And that’s precisely how she captioned she photo.

The photo was easily turned into a meme v the inscription "Every family has the one kid." It was posted throughout several society media pages, where it continues to garner hundreds of thousands that shares.

“My friends began sharing my photo and it simply started to spread like wild fire,” Daniels said. “I honestly to be shocked - and also I still sort of am - at how countless times this photo has to be shared. Never ever in a million year did ns think this would certainly go famous let alone turned right into a meme.”

Daniels said she is “humbled” through the laughter her photo has carried to people.

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“I think the world needs come smile and also laugh much more and i feel so honored this picture helped,” she said.