everyone Loves Raymond: 10 the The Worst things Marie Has ever before Done anyone Loves Raymond discover the dysfunctional Barone household to hilarious effect, through Marie often playing the role of the antagonist.

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Marie Barone was one of the most significant focal points of everybody Loves Raymond and there"s no denying the the long-running comedy collection would have actually never been as iconic together it was without she domineering antics.

Since the authors of the sitcom routinely obtained the occasions on the show from points that actually occurred to them in their personal and family members lives. Numerous of the characters were motivated by actual people, Marie included.

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Marie Barone was certainly iconic, and also that was largely since of the many, countless questionable and also highly manipulative things that she did. Let"s take it a look at several of the many infamous.

Marie Barone ray Barone and Debra Barone in everybody Loves Raymond
Robert had actually a difficult life throughout the course of Everybody Loves Raymond. This phenomenon was the source of comedy many times, v Robert complaining around how everyone favors Raymond - especially their mother.

Robert to be right; Marie favored Raymond in ~ every opportunity and also it was evident to everyone. In any given situation, Marie would certainly waste no time difficult up for Raymond, taking his side, or merely defending him come the point of ridiculousness.

In a Season 2 episode titled "Marie"s Meatballs," Marie appears to have a adjust of heart and also generously agrees to teach Debra just how to make her renowned meatballs. This decision was a significant change native the fact that Marie generally made a career of making funny of Debra"s cooking. Marie lastly giving in and also teaching Debra several of her finest cooking tricks seemed suspicious right away.

Ultimately, Debra"s meatballs room a failure; even though she did every little thing Marie said, her version of the lovely dish had a "weird taste." It"s no until later on in the episode when Debra discovers that she was actually sabotaged through Marie, who disguised a bottle of tarragon as a party of basil.

Marie has constantly been depicted as being a needlessly an important person. It"s not a stretch come say the she makes multiple offensive comments in every illustration of Everybody Loves Raymond, and while most of Marie"s remarks space directed in ~ Debra, she pretty lot judges everyone (except Raymond, usually).

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Marie is everyone"s harshest critic, but the same rules execute not use when it involves self-reflection.


Everybody Loves Raymond cast
Considering Marie"s personality, it"s no surprised that she is the form of human being who deserve to be quite two-faced. Marie"s girlfriend make sparse appearances throughout the series, and Lee and also Stan show up most frequently.

On the surface, Marie acts prefer she adores her dear friends. However when Lee and also Stan aren"t around, Marie"s true thoughts come out. As Raymond put it, "Ma, friend don"t favor Lee and also Stan."

This iconic minute came native the pilot illustration of Everybody Loves Raymond. The hoax was inspired by an suffer that one of the authors actually had, and also has since become one of the most famous running gags on the series.

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In the episode, Ray gifts Marie and also Frank through a one-year member to the Fruit of The Month Club. A plentiful basket of pears come at the door, and this sparks utter chaos in the Barone household. Marie totally loses it end the fact that there"s "too much fruit in the house," and the moment was so well known that it was lugged up number of times throughout the series.


Marie Barone certainly thinks highly of herself. Not just is she very judgemental and critical of rather - particularly those who space closest to she - yet Marie is generally hard-pressed come find any flaws in herself. She takes pride in being fantastic chef and keeping a clean house.

Marie has additionally been well-known to rarely very own up to she actions and almost never apologize. When she go apologize - particularly if it"s to Debra - it"s constantly a large deal.

Not only did Marie incessantly donate Raymond, however she also pampered him come the suggest of ridiculousness. Marie caters to Raymond"s every need, which walk not benefit her child in any kind of way, causing him to prosper up come be fairly lazy and immature, always expecting Debra to pamper him in the exact same way.

This is many hilariously emphasize in the episode where Raymond "accidentally" tells Debra the he desire she was much more like Marie. This prompts Robert to carry Raymond a giant cardboard cutout that Marie in a wedding dress due to the fact that Raymond "wishes that married his mother." being a mommy"s boy absolutely does no look good on Raymond.


Marie and also Debra"s connection is extremely significant in Everybody Loves Raymond. The show primarily hinges top top this complicated yet hilarious dynamic. The collection focuses a lot of on relationships through in-laws and portrays Frank and Marie as the stereotypical "nightmare in-laws". In ~ times, the present reveals that Marie"s consistent judgments and also criticisms really obtain to Debra, who periodically would just prefer to job-related things out through her mother-in-law, fairly than fighting constantly. Marie doesn"t it seems to be ~ to be on the same page, though, together she plainly enjoys causing drama and tension.

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In one episode ("Call Me Mom"), Debra make the efforts to call Marie "mom," come which Marie initially reacts terribly. It"s basic things favor this that provides it pretty cruel of Marie come mercilessly pick on Debra.

The Season 5 illustration "Wallpaper" would certainly quickly end up being one the Everybody Loves Raymond"s most unforgettable. The plot the this illustration revolved about Marie by chance backing Frank"s car right right into Raymond"s house.

This clearly causes significant damage, leaving Ray and also Debra v a most repairing come do and also no prior door. Marie"s infamous vehicle crash quickly ended up being one that the many iconic moment of the whole series, together the step is completely hilarious and shocking. This was without doubt Marie"s most exceptional "slip-up".


Amy and also Robert"s wedding was destined to it is in a disaster from the beginning, primarily because of Amy"s brother, Peter, and his cruel antics to silver paper the ceremony. Ultimately, though, it wasn"t Peter who ended up do the wedding an notorious event, as Marie to win him to it.

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When the minister marrying Amy and Robert asks if everyone has any objections to the nuptials, Marie shocks anyone by was standing up and speaking she mind. She begs Robert not to marry Amy if the doesn"t truly want to, and although her heart appears to it is in in the right place, she utterly humiliates everyone and of course, it is as much as Raymond to later on save the day.