10 things That make No Sense around Everybody Loves Raymond from the rampant sexism come the weird living situations, these elements of anyone Loves Raymond are just confusing.

The cast of anyone Loves Raymond
Everybody Loves Raymond to be a well-known sitcom that ran indigenous 1996 to 2005. Together such, it was definitely a pop culture phenomenon the the early on 2000s. It handle with numerous relatable family worries that civilization of the time could relate to. While that does seem the end of date now, there are countless things about the show that space still funny and accurate come anyone who is near to their family. Many civilization have pointed out that there are some outdated and also even problem things about the series. Plus, part things about it simply don"t do a most sense.

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If you a pan of Everybody Loves Raymond but still wonder about some the the choices on the show, we’ve placed together a list of the 10 main things the make no sense about it.

if 2005 could not seem that lengthy ago, it’s virtually fifteen years now. Plus, 1996 once the present started is over two decades ago now. This way there room some things about the show that could not be as culturally relevant anymore. While gift a remain at home mom is a valid choice, that did it seems ~ strange that Debra never even worked part-time the end of the home. It to be clear the in countless ways she to be smarter and more capable 보다 Raymond and even express in various episodes she desire to work.

among the most troubling things about Everybody Loves Raymond was the relationship in between Frank and Marie. While many of the characters on this display were meant to be caricatures and also were more extreme for laughs, it’s still a little bit over the top.

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The means they treated each other and also talked come each other was so poor it often veered right into verbally abusive territory. If it might have seemed funny in ~ times, see a relationship where two people disliked each other so openly can be rough to watch.

This is one more thing around the present that was required to the excessive for laughs. The relationship in between Ray and Debra was definitely severe stereotype that heterosexual marriage with the nagging wife and also dumb husband. However, the truth is that Ray plainly was a qualified person. The truth that he to be so against helping Debra out with even the most an easy of family members tasks was simply annoying to clock over and over again. When it might have been meant to be funny, it really simply revealed part bigger troubles with the culture at the time.

7 WHY ROBERT spends SO much TIME around HIS PARENTS

Robert is the one character on the show who frequently seems to gain the short end of the stick. He’s clearly the least favorite child, and he allows his jealous of Raymond basically rule his life. It’s tough to recognize why Robert spends so lot time approximately his household if they do him therefore miserable.

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Now, it’s clear that household is a value the Barone’s share. But, Robert was an adult who operated in new York City. He could have developed some distance and boundaries through his family and also likely been a lot of happier.

This has already been alluded come on this list, however it deserves a suggest all come itself. The show was very sexist. While numerous shows of the time period were prefer this, Everybody Loves Raymond can be one of the worst offenders. At least on shows prefer Friends, ladies were shown doing a variety of jobs and having countless different roles in life. Raymond really had only two key female personalities who both to be responsible for traditional female roles. Plus, there were many horrible comment made about women and also their roles and their watch on this show.

5 just how RAY renders AS lot MONEY as HE DOES

as with most television shows, the accuracy the careers and how much people make is typically lacking. Raymond functions as a sports writer, and not because that a vast magazine, and somehow seems to do a hard living.

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While this can be an ext accurate offered the truth it was nearly twenty-five years ago, it does seem prefer he would struggle much more to acquire the project he has and also make the money he does.

Robert could sometimes be among the most annoying personalities on the show. While the was basic to feel negative for him in ~ times, the method he constantly made himself a victim might get frustrating. Among the strangest things about him, however, was the to like he had actually on Debra. The was always jealous that Ray and this appeared to include his marital relationship to Debra. Over there were even episodes whereby he would certainly go come lengths come prove the knew Debra much better than Ray. Overall, it was simply uncomfortable.


This entry is much more of a funny one, yet it can be taken to stand for bigger themes from the series overall. One running joke is the reality that Marie hated when Raymond acquired her a subscription to the Fruit that the Month club as a gift.

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Her pure disgust in ~ this gift was pretty funny as it’s no that that an dreadful thing. But, this one instance also points come a bigger trouble which is why Marie was always so critical.

provided that Raymond was the breadwinner in the house and also had a stable job, it would seem like he would be a skilled adult. However, once it comes to raising kids or clean the house, he seemed like a child. He once also put fish in the dishwasher due to the fact that he wasn’t paying attention while trying to watch sports. A get an impression adult who can’t do straightforward household chores is more pathetic than anything else.

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1 WHY RAYMOND and also DEBRA live SO CLOSE come FRANK and also MARIE

Clearly, the main theme the the show is about being a family members who drives each various other nuts however still cares around each other. There’s additionally the feeling that the Barones can’t acquire past their duty to family and codependency. However, if Debra and Ray simply lived somewhere else, they would likely be lot happier. They might even have actually lived somewhere not too much away offered that the lengthy Island/New York City area is large. Even if they live 30 minutes away, the would have actually been better than throughout the street.