I had actually a hundred books to sign, and it take it me virtually 2.5 hours to sign them. ~ above my very own watch and also by myself, that would have actually taken ten minutes. Why go it take so long?



At Flagler university in St. Augustine, Florida

This brand-new novel is called the dog.

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that a drama around a an extremely special dog. But then every dogs are special, no they? virtually to a person, once someone reached me, that or she mutual their cellphone photograph of their canine. Come reciprocate, I mutual mine.

There to be the other 2.1 hrs right there: the sharing of ours dog photos and also dog stories.



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When ours gifted image maker, Miroslav Jamina, produced this image for the dog promotion, ns posted that on facebook. It has the many incredible quotation:

“Everyone think they have the finest dog. And none that them are wrong.”

On facebook, I typical 4 shares a post. This meme v that quote had actually 1,578 shares.


1,578 shares — A Tad over My 4 share AverageThe Worst of times . . .

I mean Dickens’ advent to A story of two Cities: “It was the finest of times, it to be the worst of times…” is constantly applicable, no matter what the era.

But this days, once social media engagement is 24–7, the worst of times seem an ext in ours face, more aggressive.

I believe that is why our dogs have become such a huge part of the remedy to our noisy times. Dogs continuously wrap us with their joy and cheer.

Last month in my dog article, God do The Wolf.Man make The Dog, which was featured in priziv.org, i spoke about the co-evolution of the dog. In a world that knew dinosaurs indigenous 210 million years ago, dog are brand-new to this world. We, Sapiens, bred and also disciplined this creatures we contact dogs for only the last 30,000 years, and not much much longer than that.

The finest of time . . .

When us look at a dog, we view not only our beloved companion, we check out the best in ourselves because we take it the wolves we feared and also transformed them right into our closest friends. Dogs space loyal, trusting, never organize a grudge and do not judge out votes for the midterms.

There is no known background to the quotation. There is no knowledge almost everywhere of who W.R. Purche was or is. Yet we as dog lovers can all relate.

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So ns count mine blessings that it bring away a if to get through a book signing line. All of us room sharing the best of times. We are sharing love.