HBO Max, because that as much confusion and also controversy it"s created in its brief life, might secretly be the ideal streaming business around, considering its huge library of HBO shows and also movies, Warner Bros. Blockbusters, Studio Ghibli masterpieces, canonical movies from the Turner standard Movies archives, plus every one of HBO"s iconic series, and also lots more. (Just don"t talk around its user experience.) Debuting to typically positive evaluate in spring 2020, HBO Max still feels favor it"s simply a preview for even bigger things to come.

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For 2021, in ~ least, HBO Max will feature same-day debuts for every one of Warner Bros." theatrical movie releases and also carry them because that 30 days. As restrictions on at home gatherings proceed to be loosened, it"s as much as you whether you desire to clock blockbusters like Dune and Matrix 4 at home or in the multiplex. On top of that, and HBO proper"s already solid TV slate, the perform of HBO Max original shows and movies is farming fast. Here"s a closer look in ~ everything set to come this year.

Note: just HBO Max Originals and also the abovementioned Warner Bros. Theatrical films are spanned here; for new and return HBO series (like Barry and Succession), examine out our 2021 TV preview, and also read ours 2021 movie preview and also 2021 Netflix calendar while you"re at it.

Animated series.Adultsdogenerally suck. This man comedy from Steve Dildarian (The Life & time of Tim) is from the view of a 10-year-old who"s convinced all of the grown-ups in his life room out to corruption him.(Watch the trailer)

'Gossip Girl' | Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max


Gossip Girl, Season 1, component 2

Drama series.Hey upper Eastsiders, Gossip Girl here. Six an ext episodes that the rebooted drama around NYC"s elite will certainly grace your tiny screens this fall.

Comedy series. Canadian playwright/actor Bilal Baig co-created and also stars in this collection about a genderqueer millennial balancing transitions and also identities in their life, from working at a LGBTQ+ bookstore and bar to your Pakistani family.

Movie.How can we no be excited to return to the procession after every these years? We have no idea what the plot the this movie is going to be, but, through Keanu Reeves ~ above board, we suspect it may have something to execute with a male nicknamed "The One," and perhaps an evil computer program, and perhaps a many fight scene where civilization lean really, really much backwards.

Comedy series.Fans simply couldn"t aid but wonder what the Sex and the City ladies were up to all this years later. Forget the 2 movies the iconic collection spun-off, the series is coming earlier under a brand-new name with 10 brand-new episodesto inspect in top top Carrie, Charlotte, and also Miranda together they navigate household life and also love in your 50s. (Kim Cattrall wouldn"t be caught dead stepping ago into Samantha"s stilettos again, so suppose the display to, well, probably kill her character off.)

Animated series. We"ve checked out shows about magical academies before, we"ve also seen colleges for super heroes before. However what around an animated series about teens at a seemingly consistent high institution who don"t also realize they"re destined to end up being supers one day? That"s the premise the this all new DC series, i m sorry is executive created by Elizabeth Banks.

Drama series.This adaptation of Emily St. Man Mandel"s 2014 dangerous novel, which adhered to a troupe the actors and also musicians together they traveled an America ravaged by a flu pandemic, doesn"t precisely sound prefer frothy post-2020 escapism. But, given the resource material, it should be different from numerous of the much more brutal dystopian story of current years. V Mackenzie Davis that Halt and Catch Fire in the lead role, Patrick Somerville (The Leftovers) serving as showrunner, and also Hiro Murai (Atlanta) behind the camera, this should be a unique one.

Drama series.The pitch for this HBO Max original, which was delayed through the pandemic yet should debut next year, is pretty simple: Michael Mann crime drama. Adhering to an American journalist (Ansel Elgort) as he reports top top corruption in Tokyo"s upstream vice formation in the late "90s, with assist from a detective play by Ken Watanabe, Tokyo Vice sounds favor a potentially captivating mix of The Insider and another famous Mann production with the word "Vice" in the title. Sign us up!


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Barbz, it"s her time. This six-part docuseries is about the game-changing rapper, her an imaginative process, and personal life. Film housing Michael john Warren, who Minaj has actually previously worked with top top documentaries fastened to her albums Pink Friday and The PinkPrint, is on as director.