right here Are The ideal TV Shows and Movies comes To Netflix In January 2019 all the best shows and movies coming to Netflix in January 2019, including Ant-Man and also The Wasp, Polar, Watchmen, Incredibles 2 and Solo.

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now that 2018 is over, it"s time come look front to what"s in keep for 2019 - and also Netflix"s January 2019 additions are looking good. Customers of the streaming business saw some great additions in December 2018, including the mental thriller Bird Box, which captivated audiences approximately the world, as well as the relax of Avengers: Infinity War.

Between all the monster and also superhero movies, though, users discovered time to watch several of Netflix"s best Christmas movies end the winter break, but now that the holiday season is coming to one end, it"s time to check out what the streaming gigantic has coming up to save its subscribers coming back for more content.

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January 2019 is packed v plenty of standard movies involvement the streaming service, and (of course) many, numerous Netflix originals. Big name additions include Solo: A Star wars Story, The Incredibles 2, and also Ant-Man and also the Wasp, however there are plenty of good watchable programs coming to her TV this month that you may not have heard of.

15. A collection of Unfortunate occasions (Season 3)

A collection of Unfortunate events Season 3 and Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf
Neil Patrick Harris returns together Count Olaf because that the 3rd season that A collection of unfortunate Events - and also this is the last season that the show. A series of unfortunately Events season 3 adapts the final four publications of the series, for this reason fans can expect to see numerous of the mysteries of the display resolved. A couple of new encounters will it is in joining the cast, too, as well as all the major players native the very first two seasons.

get ready for some classic adventuring, as all 4 Indiana Jones movies room coming come Netflix this month (although fans could be slightly much less excited about Indiana Jones and The Kingdom that The crystal Skull 보다 the original trilogy). Harrison Ford stars as the intrepid archeologist who made a generation think that there to be far much more booby-trapped tombs in the people than over there actually are - certainly a movie marathon excuse!

Arriving: january 1

13. The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger as The Joker and also Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight
Netflix adds come its directory of superhero movie this month through multiple much more recent hits, however The Dark Knight is likewise coming come the service. The second part of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, it continues to be arguably one of the best Batman adaptations for the large screen - however, the complete Dark Knight trilogy is not obtainable to stream, so pan will need to content themselves through one at a time.

another comic publication adaptation to sign up with the streaming company this month is Watchmen, a darker look at an alternative world wherein retired heroes should investigate the killing of one of their own. Don’t mean the usual massive-universe stuff v this one - or a happy movie around saving the day. A re-watch is a good way to acquire ready for the upcoming Watchmen TV series, as well.

Arriving: january 1

11. Solo: A Star wars Story

Rogue One: A Star battles Story might be leaving Netflix this month, but Star Wars fans can take love from the come of the latest film in the franchise: Solo: A Star battles Story. The film adheres to a young Han Solo and also Chewie, and while it boasts an outstanding cast, the failed to yes, really land at the box office. If you missed the may release ~ above the big screen, that the perfect time to capture up.

The crime anthology collection American Crime Story returns with a second season, this time looking in ~ the well known murder that designer Gianni Versace by main actor killer Andrew Cunanan. This Emmy-award to win FX series was a smash struggle in the spring, so this is the perfect time to watch what anyone was talking around if friend missed the the an initial time around.

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Arriving: january 17

9. Girl

one more film that had everyone talking in 2018 to be Girl, a Belgian film about trans ballerina Lara. Girl to be well received at the Cannes movie Festival, but caused controversy with both casting and also subject matter. Plenty of were concerned around yet one more film about a infectious diseases world fashion character casting a cis actor as the lead, and also LGBTQIA2 supporters were additionally vocal about some of the ways the body dysphoria to be presented in the film. Clock it and also decide for yourself!

Arriving: jan 18

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