Evan craft is well-known for record in Spanish, however the Christian singer and songwriter freshly released a timely monitor in English referred to as “Be Alright.” The tune is one anthem in the challenge of uncertainty discovered on Craft’s recent English album, Desesperado, which method “desperate.”

“I haven’t released music in English in a very long time, yet this track is very special come me,” Craft says of “Be Alright,” which features
Danny Gokey. “I created it in Spanish an initial with Redimi2 and Sean Cook. The song came to be an anthem for people during 2020. I hope the it can lug peace come your residence as well.”

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The track’s featured artist is no stranger to Spanish collaborations. Gokey invited Craft to sing on a Spanish remix that his hit, “Love God, Love People.” So it was basic decision because that him come join pressures with Craft as soon as again on the confident “Be Alright.” “During these complicated times, it is a much-needed reminder the God is constantly in control,” Gokey says of the song.

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The four-time K-LOVE fan Award winner also appears in the official music video, together Craft. Together, they remind listeners that regardless of ours circumstances, God’s acquired the whole human being in His hands. They even sprinkle a little Spanish right into the chorus singing, “Todo va a estar bien,” translated to “everything will certainly be fine” in English.

The affluent lyrics testify to the trusted nature the God: “Father, friend say every little thing is gonna it is in alright, yet my situations say ns won’t last with the night. I require YourWord to organize me. Now I require You to traction me through. I need a miracle, a breakthrough, I need You.”


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While handmade is not Hispanic by birth, he’s dedicated much the his life come the Latino culture, finding out Spanish in high school in order come adequately connect with the homeless men and also women his father offered at the shelter he ran in Los Angeles. His enthusiasm for the language and also its people has take away him about the world and inspired the to start writing song in Spanish. Craft’s 2012 debut,Yo soy Segundo, came to be the No.

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1 Latin Christian album top top release. His latest, Desesperado, was released in both Spanish and English.

“These albums were really fun to create because I to be able to occupational with friends native Latin America and the Nashville scene,” he says.“I’m all about mixing groups of people, connecting, and building bridges; and also it seems prefer the music industry and listener space open and ready for hopeful bilingual music.”