Did girlfriend recently discover out the your ex-girlfriend is pregnant through her brand-new boyfriend’s baby? Did the shock you and also make friend crave her ex also more?

If the did, it’s due to the fact that you still had actually expectations of your ex-girlfriend. You had hopes that she feeling something for you or that she would show you she cares around you and also the things you went v as a couple.

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But instead, she rushed right into a new relationship with some brand-new guy, acquired pregnant, and appeared completely irresponsible. She barely knows her new boyfriend, however she’s currently pregnant v the guy’s baby and also is forced to plan a future v him. It’s prefer she’s a fully different person.

You used to it is in intimate v her, and also now you’re watching her development in life while you’re quiet thinking about her and also recovering from the breakup.

As her ex-boyfriend, girlfriend don’t favor what she’s doing since you gain the emotion that she’s rushing things and also that your partnership with her will never ever be the very same again.

You are afraid that if she were to come earlier that you would certainly obsess about the truth that she’s pregnant with one more man’s child and that friend wouldn’t have the ability to trust she for being so careless. You most likely wouldn’t also want to day her or would be hesitant about it.

All these things merged kill her hope and hurt you.

They do you feel the your ex has actually made it impossible for girlfriend to day her again and also that you have no choice but to relocate on v your life.

Before you act on your pain and judge your ex for relocating on through some arbitrarily guy, recognize that your ex more than likely didn’t arrangement a baby with this person. She was many likely simply “a bit” reckless with him and behaved irresponsibly since she was excited around the newness the the relationship.

She just wanted to exploit the love phase and have fun. Little did she recognize that “fun” would result in a pregnancy with a guy she proper knows and trusts and that she life would readjust so much. Therefore don’t envy, criticize, condemn, or accuse your ex of things. Uneven she really wanted a baby, the truth is the she hasn’t foreseen this and that she life is walking to change from a carefree life to a life the responsibility and also commitment.

It’s going to it is in stressful and probably pains for her at times. Specifically when she discovers that the human being who got her pregnant has countless flaws the she wasn’t aware of before.

To you as an observer, it most likely seems as if your ex has had it easy – that she didn’t think around you much and also that she neglected all her issues. And that is most likely true. She likely just focused on moving on and also enjoying herself. Yet now the she’s pregnant, the fact is walk to catch up with her and also cause her peaceful life to end. It’s going to make her acquire serious really quickly and also force she to begin preparing for bringing a brand-new life into this world.

Mind you that she’s walk to execute that v a male she doesn’t also know that well. For all she knows, he could be immature, a wife-beater, or someone she can’t communicate with as soon as things acquire heated.

So again, don’t think that your ex will have it basic or conversely, the you’ll have actually it hard because you’re solitary or in a partnership with your new girlfriend that isn’t pregnant. Comparing yourself to your ex-girlfriend and envying or fearing what she has actually isn’t worth worrying about.

What you check out is just what your ex allows you to see. The truth is obscured much beneath the surface and also will be revealed to your ex an initial when infatuation wanes and your ex it s okay to satisfy the real version of the human she’s dating.

In today’s post, we’re going come talk around what come do as soon as your ex-girlfriend is pregnant through her brand-new boyfriend’s baby.


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. However when you acquire pregnant through a male who’s had a possibility to show you just his best side, you’re acquisition a shot in the dark. You have no idea just how reliable your partner will be once he needs to put in the job-related and carry out for his family.

He might be loving and hardworking or he can be cold-hearted and also neglectful. Nobody knows, and neither does your ex. That’s why an ext time has to pass for this reason they can acquire to know each other much better and watch if they deserve to work fine under pressure.

How to cope with your ex being pregnant by another guy?

Learning that your ex-girlfriend is pregnant have the right to be heart-crushing. It deserve to take all your hope far in one blow, re-open her breakup wounds, and make you much more anxious than you’ve remained in a lengthy time.

That’s why the most necessary thing you can do is to go no contact. Cease every communication, unfollow her ex online, and delete society media file if you have to. Do every little thing it take away to avoid information around your ex’s life from getting into her mind.

Doing so will distance friend from the cause of the problem and slowly but surely do the difficulty smaller. If you execute this successfully, it’s only a issue of time prior to you gain over the truth that her ex is pregnant with one more man’s child.

However, if friend don’t stick come the rules of no contact, climate you’ll more than likely keep finding the end unnecessary things about your ex and watch together your ex’s ship grows and her connection progresses.

As a general dominion of thumb, the less you know about your ex, the better. So press your ex out of your life (if you haven’t yet) and ask your friends not to talk to you around your ex. You should keep her ex away from you and also your hobbies, ambitions, and passions close come you.

Basically, find something to distract you yourself with and stay busy. This is just how you’ll progressively rebuild her self-esteem, acquire over the breakup, and also realize the your ex did you a substantial favor. It sucks that she ache you, yet you’ll realize the she required you to shed remaining hope and allowed you to lastly focus top top yourself and also those who matter to you.

Did your ex-girlfriend obtain pregnant v her brand-new boyfriend’s baby? Did that come as surprise to you and also hurt you? Comment below and let me know.

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