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There are six living presidents consisting of the many recent commander-in-chief, chairman Joseph R. Biden Jr., that is the oldest human being ever elected president.

The other living americans who have served as president room Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, bill Clinton, and also Jimmy Carter. Your careers in the White residence span an ext than four decades.

The document for the many living presidents and former presidents at once is six. Prior to the inauguration the Joe Biden, over there were just two such moments in modern history: 2017 and also most the 2018, as soon as the above presidents and George H.W. Bush were alive during the first two year of the trumped presidency, and also between 2001 and also 2004 as soon as both Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford to be still alive during the George W. Shrub presidency.

Of the fiveliving presidents, just Clinton and Obama have actually the distinction of beginning the office in your 40s. Carter and also the younger bush entered the White residence in your 50s. Trump to be 70 as soon as he came to be president in January of 2017, and also Biden started his term in 2021 at the age of 78.

The critical time a previous president passed away was in November 2018, when the elder shrub died at age 94.

On in march 21, 2019, Carter came to be the earliest living American chairman in background at 94 years and 172 job old. The elder bush was 94 years and also 171 job old once he died.


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President Donald Trump, a Republican, is serving his very first term in the White House. He very first won election in 2016 after defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton in what was widely depicted as an upset.

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Trump to be 70 year old at the time of his inauguration, making that the oldest person to be elected to the greatest office in the land. The second-oldest president to be Ronald Reagan, that was 69 year old as soon as he took office in 1981.

Trump"s relationship with his living precursors was strained; every of the previous presidents criticize Trump at once or another because of his policies and what they have described as actions that is "un-presidential."