Female experts are a rare sight on Ghanaian media programmes. Wikimedia Commons/Flickr/Jonathan ernst October 19, 2021

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Male professionals outnumber females by 10 come 1 top top Ghana media programmes. We found outwhy

Suzanne Franks, City, university of London

If women room to have actually a publicly voice in Ghana’s media ecology climate a good deal an ext needs come happen.

Chicago mayor Richard Daley – presented yelling – cried prejudice in the media’s coverage of the 1968 democratic National Convention. Library of congress June 8, 2021

Emily Wilder and also journalism’s ancient Achilles’ hoe – partisans who crybias

Matthew Jordan, Penn State

The accusation of predisposition is like kryptonite because that responsible news organizations: the more powerful their piety come the appropriate of objectivity, the an ext vulnerable they room to complaints made in bad faith.

7 means to avoid coming to be a misinformation superspreader

H. Colleen Sinclair, Mississippi State University

A society psychologist describes how to protect against being misled, and how to avoid yourself – and others – from dispersing inaccurate information.

Women have actually a huge amount to add to science and research, if the best support systems are in place. Per-Anders Pettersson/Getty photos November 1, 2020

Study sheds irradiate on what the takes for females to success – or not – in science inAfrica

Allen Muyaama Mukhwana, African Academy the Sciences and also Judy Omumbo, African Academy the Sciences

reasons why women’s voices space ignored in scientific research reporting variety from socio-cultural influences that inform gender norms, come perceptions that leadership and also political power structures.

Journalists have to be sensitised come the need for sex representation in media content. Gallo Images/Getty photos October 16, 2020

The media have actually muted the voices of women throughout COVID-19: have the right to the tide beturned?

Theodora Dame Adjin-Tettey, Rhodes University


world see prejudice in the stories that donate the other party, yet they tend not come see prejudice in story favoring their own party. Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty pictures October 15, 2020

Political predisposition in media no threaten democracy — other, less visible biasesdo

Marjorie Hershey, Indiana University

dues of media prejudice are naught new, though they’ve gotten louder because 2016, led by president Trump. Yet a press totally free to take a selection of philosophies was the founders’ intention.
U.S. President Donald trump takes concerns from reporters during a Coronavirus Task pressure press briefing in the increased Garden that the White house in Washington, D.C., on march 30, 2020. Madel Ngan/AFP via Getty images may 18, 2020

Claims of ideology system bias among the media may beoverblown

Hans J.G. Hassell, Florida State University; john Holbein, University the Virginia; Kevin Reuning, Miami University, and also Matthew R. Miles, Brigham Young University

though political elites complain about what the media covers, and also how lock cover it, research mirrors that ideology system bias amongst media outlets is greatly nonexistent.

Private radio station in Ghana affect political discourse unfairly. Here ishow

Sally Osei-Appiah, University the Leeds

together usual, the UK media landscape available partisan coverage of the 2019 election. EPA-EFE/Facundo Arrizabalaga December 19, 2019

Election coverage: many thanks to Brexit, Labour had a media mountain toclimb

David Deacon, Loughborough University; David Smith, University the Leicester, and also Dominic Wring, Loughborough University

It no the ‘Sun wot won it’, yet the partisanship of the UK press made the Conservatives’ job a an excellent deal easier.
Screenshot native Evolve politics website v the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg. Inset, her tweet reporting a story the turned the end to be untrue. ITV’s politics editor posted a similar tweet. Evolve politics December 11, 2019

BBC captured in the crossfire: why the UK’s publicly broadcaster is becoming a large electionstory

Richard Thomas, Swansea University and Declan McDowell-Naylor, Cardiff University

UK choice 2019: partisan push is pulling out all the stop againstLabour

David Deacon, Loughborough University and also Dominic Wring, Loughborough University

Assessing the national mood has come to be much much more difficult, but the media have ongoing reporting them together though nothing has changed. Wes Mountain/The Conversation might 21, 2019

Outrage, polls and also bias: 2019 federal election verified Australian media need betterregulation

Denis Muller, The college of Melbourne

This election verified that Australia is stuck to an increasingly polarised media, a highly focused media ownership landscape and also no apparent method to carry out anything about it.
there is a feeling that autonomous societies have actually had sufficient of Murdoch’s propaganda devices masquerading together news services. AAP/Dan Himbrechts may 12, 2019

Mounting evidence the tide is transforming on News Corp, and itsowner

Denis Muller, The university of Melbourne

At some level, democratic societies have actually had enough of Murdoch and also his propaganda procedure masquerading together a news service.
Local communities have taken benefit of project trail access time by leaders such together President Cyril Ramaphosa. Epa/Kim Ludbrook may 6, 2019

Local radio is plugging gaps in south Africa’s mainstream mediacoverage

Franz Krüger, University the the Witwatersrand

A regional Winnipeg Jets tradition – the Whiteout Street Party – has been the source of controversy. Is it political correctness run amok or is the surname insensitive come racialized people? THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods April 17, 2019

How an NHL street party led to a society media storm aboutracism

Lori Wilkinson, University the Manitoba

A celebration because that the Winnipeg jet turned controversial when an anti-racist group tested a “make Winnipeg white again” headline around the city’s NHL playoff “whiteout” parties.
Mourners lug the human body of a victim the the new Zealand mosque shootings because that a burial in Christchurch on in march 20, 2019. (AP Photo/Mark Baker) march 25, 2019

The hypocritical media coverage the the brand-new Zealand terrorattacks

Houssem Ben Lazreg, University of Alberta

together the news of the shootings in brand-new Zealand quickly unfolded, a researcher took keep in mind of the method the occasion was covered in news media and how the coverage was being debated on social media.

Google News serves conservatives and also liberals similar results, yet favors mainstreammedia

Seth Lewis, University that Oregon and Efrat Nechushtai, Columbia University

Google News walk not differentiate search outcomes according come users’ national politics – however it does favor mainstream news sites, i m sorry are seen as leaning left, and also doesn’t clearly disclose exactly how its algorithms work.
African-Australians protesting what castle perceive together biased media coverage outside the Channel 7 studios in Melbourne critical weekend. Ellen Smith/AAP august 1, 2018
The problem is the disproportionate lot of fist on the so-called African gang problem and the means these cases are being reported.
Nearly half of americans say they see a good deal of predisposition in the news media. However the research on this topic is unresolved.

How tranquility journalism can assist the media sheathe elections inAfrica

Ylva Rodny-Gumede, University the Johannesburg

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In Africa, biased media coverage is among the reasons voters have little faith in credible elections.
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