Mail-in ballots sit in trays before being sorted in ~ the Santa Clara county registrar of voters office on October 13, 2020. Justin Sullivan / staff / Getty images

The 2020 presidential choice is much less than 3 weeks away, and many americans have already voted beforehand or with the mail.

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The priziv.org choice Fraud Database showcases a sampling the close to 1,300 proven instances of choice fraud.

The 2020 presidential choice is less than 3 weeks away, and also many american have already voted at an early stage or v the mail.

Unfortunately, in ~ the same time the they are working out their franchise, there room others out there who space taking advantage of the vulnerabilities in our device to try to steal their poll or dilute the worth of their vote.

Though numerous on the left downplay the dangers to the security and integrity that the electoral process, together fraud really does occur, jeopardizing cost-free and same elections because that the American people.

The priziv.org election Fraud Database showcases a sampling of close to 1,300 proven instances of choice fraud. Yet, plenty of other situations go unreported and also other potential cases are no investigated or prosecuted.

There has been a rash of recent arrests roughly the country. Although those who have actually been charged room entitled to a presumption that innocence, these situations illustrate the varieties of fraud that have actually occurred and can occur that threaten our democratic system.

In brand-new Hampshire, Attorney basic Gordon mcdonald s announced an indictment against a mrs for accused voting in the city of Derry throughout the 2018 general election despite residing in Washington D.C., not brand-new Hampshire.

The indictment says she submitted a false voter registration form and then voted using an absentee ballot. 

In Hooksett, brand-new Hampshire, Michael Lewis has actually been charged with illegally voting in the 2016 general election also though the is a resident of Georgia, wherein he to be arrested in ~ the request of new Hampshire authorities.

The Coalition of new Hampshire Taxpayers, operation by registered Democrat Ed Naile, found that Lewis supplied the state’s same-day voter registration legislation in Hooksett to illegal register and also vote.

And those space not the just recent cases from the Granite State.

Vincent Marzello was arrested because that voting double in the 2016 basic election in West Lebanon, brand-new Hampshire, once as himself and then again under the name of a woman, Helen Elisabeth Ashley.

In California, a male by the name of Caesar Peter Abutin was charged with 3 counts that felony voter fraud. Despite Abutin’s mom passing far in 2006, he voted under her surname multiple times between October 2012 and also November 2014, in enhancement to casting ballots under his own name.

These instances demonstrate exactly how sometimes it deserve to take years because that the proof in election fraud cases to pertained to fruition and also for the potential fraudsters to challenge justice.

Additionally, it’s precious noting that election fraud cases often indicate absentee ballots.

The hazard posed to voters by such ballots, which are voted exterior the supervision of choice officials and also outside the monitoring of poll watchers in unsecure settings, is shown by a video clip that has just surfaced indigenous Escondido, California.

A local resident, David Sprouse, filmed an individual walking through his community last main stealing mail—including absentee ballots—from his home and other houses.

And the Virginia State plank of Elections had to send the end a press release warning voters that six Richmond-area mailboxes—which may have included absentee ballots—were broken into over the first weekend in October.

Other risks to the defense of voting by mail room coming come light.

Take Hudson County, brand-new Jersey. A postal worker to be arrested because that discarding mail after one investigation carried out by the U.S. Room of righteousness found an ext than 1,800 piece of mail, including 99 absentee ballots, in a dumpster.

Fortunately, this ballots to be recovered and also forwarded to their intended recipients. Unfortunately, this is not an secluded incident.

Thomas Cooper, a postal worker, pleaded guilty to obscuring, crossing out, and changing at least 5 party affiliations on absentee ballot inquiry forms ago in July during the West Virginia primary.

In Manatee County, Florida, Larry Wiggins, a registered Democrat, was arrested because that requesting an absentee ballot because that his so late wife, that passed away in 2018. Though Wiggins claims he was merely “testing the system,” he is now dealing with third-degree felony charges.

In Texas, four people, including a Gregg county commissioner, were arrested last month in link with their alleged involvement in a vote-harvesting scheme that was uncovered by the state attorney General’s Office.

Commissioner Shannon Brown, Marlena Jackson, Charlie Burns, and DeWayne Ward space facing more than 130 felony charges, including organizing an illegal vote-harvesting scheme, illegal voting, fraudulent usage of absentee ballot applications, unlawful possession that absentee ballots, and also election fraud in connection with the 2018 basic election, which Brown won by only five votes.

Another case out of the Lone Star State requires a mayoral candidate for the city the Carrollton. Zul Mirza Mohamed is alleged to have forged at the very least 84 voter registration develops for unwitting inhabitants of Denton County, and also then obtained absentee ballots in their names there is no their knowledge using a digital mailbox and also a false identity.

The Texas attorney General’s Office states that at the moment of his arrest, Mohamed to be completing more fraudulent mail-in ballot applications. 

There are also multiple reports of troubles being caused by election officials making use of inaccurate, error-filled voter it is registered lists come mail out absentee ballots. Those include:

An acquaintance of one of the authors living in Washington, D.C., who received five ballots in the mail—two because that him, one for his roommate, and also two for people who haven’t lived at his attend to for years. Those ballots can be watched here:


This review of recent cases doesn’t even cover the 1,000 voters referred to law enforcement officials in Georgia because that voting twice in that state’s June main (once in person and also a second time v an absentee ballot); or the former autonomous congressman and erstwhile political consultant indicted in Philadelphia on dues of bribing one election main to stuff the ballot box through fraudulent votes in many elections; or the illegal aliens indicted in north Carolina because that illegally registering and voting.

While plenty of on the left dismiss this threats and also insist that voting by mail has no potential because that fraud, or the other varieties of fraud simply don’t happen, these stories proceed to break, dispelling the narrative.

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These instances should be investigated and prosecuted, and reforms have to be initiated that remedy the vulnerabilities in our voter registration and election device that will prevent and deter these species of plot from occurring in the future. 

No matter who the American world elect, it should be excellent in a fair, free, and also secure process.