The person body is based on Phi and also 5.

The human being body illustrates the golden Section or magnificent Proportion. We’ll usage the gold ratio structure blocks occurred on the Life web page again for each line segment:

The magnificent Proportion in the Body

The white line is the body’s height. The blue line, a golden section that the white line, specifies the street from the head to the finger tips. The yellow line, a golden section of the blue line, specifies the street from the head come the navel and also the elbows. The environment-friendly line, a gold section that the yellow line, specifies the distance from the head to the pectorals and inside top of the arms, the broad of the shoulders, the size of the forearm and the shin bone. The magenta line, a golden section of the eco-friendly line, defines the street from the head come the basic of the skull and the broad of the abdomen. The sectioned parts of the magenta line determine the place of the nose and also the hairline.

Although no shown, the gold section the the magenta heat (also the short section the the eco-friendly line) specifies the width of the head and half the width of the chest and also the hips.

The human being Body is based on patterns of 5, i beg your pardon is the basis because that Phi together well

Another exciting relationship of gold section come the design of the person body is that there are:

5 appendages come the torso, in the arms, leg and also head. 5 appendages on each of these, in the fingers and also toes 5 openings on the face. 5 sense organs for sight, sound, touch, taste and also smell.

The gold section in turn, is also based ~ above 5, as the number phi, or 1.6180339…, is computed utilizing 5’s, as follows:

5 ^ .5 * .5 + .5 = Phi

In this mathematical construction “5 ^ .5” way “5 elevated to the 1/2 power,” which is the square source of 5, i beg your pardon is climate multiplied through .5 and also to which .5 is climate added.

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Jack says

November 21, 2016 in ~ 11:45 pm

does anyone have any more information around the partnership phi and also the human being body? is there any books specifically around it? due to the fact that i am currently doing an internal assessment ( a type of research) and my topic is the connection of phi/golden ratio and our person body