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"I will veto. I will certainly unsign the (President Barack Obama's gun executive, management order) so fast."

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One the the very first regulations chairman Donald trump card vowed to cut was chairman Barack Obama's executive, management order top top gun regulate that was imposed in the last year of his presidency.

Obama's stimulate made the mandatory because that the social Security management to relax information about mentally okay recipients of Social defense benefits. This details would then be had in background checks, essentially prohibiting civilization with psychological illnesses to buy guns.

The Obama administration estimated this rule would affect about 75,000 human being each year who have a documented mental wellness issue.

Obama's order to be opposed by the NRA and also the American civil Liberties Union — two groups that space not usually on the exact same side. In a statement authorize by ACLU, they claimed the preeminence "advances and also reinforces the harmful stereotype that human being with mental disabilities, a vast and diverse group the citizens, are violent."

Trump signed home Joint Resolution 40, nullifying Obama's rule, on Feb. 28, 2017.

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The White House asserted in development that "this applications of rule could endanger the 2nd Amendment rights of regulation abiding citizens."

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