President selected Donald Trump, shown here in November, signed an executive order ~ above his inauguration job "ordering commonwealth agencies to ease burden of Affordable treatment Act." (AP photo)

January 20, 2017 in ~ 5:13 afternoon PSTBy The linked Press

President Donald trumped signed an executive, management order ordering commonwealth agencies come ease burden of Affordable treatment Act, a spokesman stated late Friday.

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The Affordable treatment Act is additionally known as Obamacare, the commonwealth statute enacted by president Barack Obama on in march 23, 2010.

President Donald Trump has signed his an initial executive order as president, ordering commonwealth agencies to lull the load of chairman Barack Obama"s scan health care law.

Presidential spokesman Sean Spicer refused to sell details on Trump"s order.

New: Here's the Exec order on the ACA:

— Justin Gray (
JustinGrayWSB) January 21, 2017

Trump to be joined in the Oval Office through Vice president Mike Pence, White home chief of employee Reince Priebus and also other optimal advisers as he signed the executive order.

Trump additionally formally signed the commissions of just arrived Defense Secretary James Mattis and Homeland protection Secretary john Kelly.

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The White home says Priebus was additionally sending a memorandum come agencies and also departments setting up an prompt freeze ~ above regulations. No added details were immediately available.

Asked around his an initial day together president, trumped says, "It was liven but good — a beautiful day."

MOMENTS AGO: Pres. Trump signs executive bespeak instructing federal agencies come ease burden of Affordable treatment Act

— CBS News (
CBSNews) January 21, 2017

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