Trump has currently restrictedimmigrationduring the coronavirus pandemic. Now he’s walk a step further.

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chairman Donald Trump speak at the everyday coronavirus briefing in ~ the White house on April 20. Alex Wong/Getty pictures
president Donald trump signed an executive, management order Wednesday night temporary suspending the issuance of environment-friendly cards to immigrants abroad, speak it’s necessary to protect American jobs amid an unemployment crisis brought on through the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier drafts of the executive, management order would certainly have also suspended the issuance of new visas. Yet the new York times reported that Trump eventually decided versus it ~ pushback from business groups that count on international workers, particularly in the tech sector.

Under the executive order, American citizens space still able to apply for green cards on instead of of your minor children and also spouses, and immigrants resident in the us can convert their existing vi into eco-friendly cards. However immigrants living abroad, consisting of the household members of green card holders and adult children of united state citizens, i will not ~ be granted environment-friendly cards because that a period of 60 days uneven they space seeking to go into the us to perform an essential job in the health care sector. Roughly 358,000 green card applications might be affected.

“As we move forward, we’ll research what additional immigration-related measures should be placed in location to safeguard US workers,” trump said throughout a press conference ~ above Tuesday. “We desire to safeguard our united state workers and I think together we relocate forward, we will become more and an ext protective the them.”

Trump had already shut down plenty of parts that the immigration system prior come announcing the executive, management order: Migrants ~ above the southern border are being turn away, and also foreign consulates are no longer processing visas. Travelers native China and Europe space banned indigenous entering the US.

But on Monday night, the signaled the he wanted to go further: “In irradiate of the strike from the Invisible Enemy, and the require to defend the jobs of our good American Citizens, I will certainly be signing an executive, management Order come temporarily suspend immigration into the unified States!” trump card tweeted.

White house press secretary Kayleigh McEnany declared in a explain on Tuesday the the activity was necessary “at a time when Americans space looking to get back to work.”

As the coronavirus pandemic and the connected economic fallout has actually worsened, the Trump management has shied away from aggressive activity on addressing worries with testing and shortages of clinical equipment. It has actually been much less reluctant come crack under on immigrant — seizing the possibility to advance the restrictionist plans the president has pursued because that years.

Trump has currently significantly limited immigration

The Trump administration had already restricted immigration between the pandemic. The executive order goes a step more in curtailing legitimate immigration.

In March, the State department suspended routine visa handling at that is consulates and also embassies abroad, which has considerably slowed legitimate immigration. Part 9.2 million visas to be issued in ~ consulates and embassies abroad in 2019.

The US’s boundaries with Canada and also Mexico room closed to nonessential travel.

The Trump administration has also implemented a device to rapidly turn far migrants arriving on the southerly border during the pandemic. Migrants indigenous Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras room processed in the field rather 보다 inside united state Border Patrol stations, and also without so lot as a medical exam, castle sent earlier to Mexico in an average of 96 minutes, the Texas Tribune reported.

The management had additional postponed all court days prior to April 22 because that migrants in the “Remain in Mexico” routine who have been sent back to Mexico while castle wait because that the result of their asylum applications in the US. Your applications will now be delayed.

Trump also limited travel indigenous China and Europe, i beg your pardon he has repeatedly arourted as key to keeping the coronavirus at bay in the US. The US, however, now has more reported coronavirus instances than any other country in the world, and also testing volume is still well below that of some other developed countries.

All that these limitations taken together have currently made it lot more difficult for legal immigrants using for visas abroad, asylum seekers in ~ the southern border, and also citizens of China and also Europe to come to the US. Trump’s executive, management order will now block, at least for the following two months, those spring to clear up in the us permanently, if they’re applying for environment-friendly cards abroad.

Essential industries deserve to still count on immigrants

Workers in essential fields will certainly still it is in able to attain visas under the executive order. It is particularly crucial given concerns around labor shortages in wellness care and agriculture.

As patient demand proceeds to increase nationwide and also with an ext health treatment workers unable to display up because that work, either since they contract the virus or because they have to self-quarantine, countless hospitals are dealing with staff shortages.

The US wellness system already relies greatly on immigrants, who make up 17 percent of every health care workers and an ext than 25 percent of all doctors. And some states have sought to rise staff through waiving licensing needs for foreign medical college graduates therefore they can contribute to the coronavirus response.

Farmers have also been voicing concerns around potential labor shortages that can threaten the food supply. They depend on seasonal agricultural workers, countless of whom involved the united state from Mexico top top H-2A visas.

The us State Department freshly eased constraints on these workers, who numbered much more than 250,000 in 2019, eliminating demands that they show up for in-person interviews. This way that ranches should still be able to access these workers, in spite of the truth that the firm shut under visa processing throughout Mexico. The department of homeland Security likewise announced last week the it would permit H-2A employees to more easily switch employers and also stay in the US beyond the three-year duration their visas stay valid.

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Still, farmers worry about visa processing delays and also the possibility that fewer workers may want to danger coming to the united state this year between the pandemic.