This information explains how to carry out pelvic floor muscle (Kegel) exercises to improve your sexual health and also pleasure.

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About Kegel Exercises

Doing Kegel practice can aid strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This can aid you regulate or avoid physical difficulties such as incontinence. Incontinence is leakage of pee (pee) or stool (poop) that you can not control.

Kegel exercises deserve to also aid improve your sexual health and also pleasure by:

Relaxing your vaginal muscles, which allows your vagina be much more open. This is advantageous if you have pain throughout sexual intercourse, pelvic exams, or both.Improving blood circulation to her vagina and also pelvic floor. This can help increase sex-related arousal.Making it less complicated for you to reach orgasm.Increasing vaginal lubrication (wetness). Back to top

About her Pelvic Floor Muscles

Your pelvic floor muscles form the bottom of her pelvis and support your pelvic offal (uterus, bladder, and bowel). Your pelvic floor muscles are the muscle you would usage to prevent your currently of urine or store yourself native passing gas or having actually a bowel activity (pooping). They’re additionally the muscles that have the right to contract (tighten) throughout an orgasm. Number 1 reflects your pelvic muscles and also organs.

figure 1. Pelvic floor muscles and also pelvic organs

Identifying her pelvic floor muscles

If she not sure which muscles room your pelvic floor muscles, below are some means you deserve to identify them:

Imagine you urinating (peeing). Contract the muscles you would usage to stop the present of urine. Don’t actually practice stopping her urine stream, particularly if her bladder is full. This can actually weaken your muscles and also lead to her bladder no emptying completely. This increases your hazard for a urinary tract epidemic (UTI).Contract the muscle you usage to hold back a bowel movement or save yourself indigenous passing gas, yet don’t contract her buttock (butt), abdomen (belly), or within thigh muscles. If you execute it correctly, your body shouldn’t lift up in ~ all. If you notice that her body elevator slightly, you’re most likely using your buttock muscles.Insert a finger or vaginal dilator right into your vagina, climate contract your pelvic floor muscles about your finger or the dilator. You have to feel her vagina tighten and your pelvic floor relocate upward.

Try not to usage your abdomen, leg, or buttock muscles when you contract her pelvic floor muscles. Working out these muscle won’t help you strengthen her pelvic floor muscles. To find out if you’re also contracting her abdomen, leg, or buttock muscles, you deserve to place one hand on your stomach and your other hand underneath her buttocks or on your leg. Squeeze her pelvic floor muscles. If you feel her abdomen, leg, or buttocks move, you’re making use of the wrong muscles.

Be certain to relax your pelvic floor muscles fully after girlfriend contract them. If you’re having trouble identifying your pelvic floor muscles, call your health care provider.

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Doing Kegel Exercises

Once you discover to effectively contract your pelvic floor muscles, carry out 2 to 3 sessions of Kegel exercises every work to obtain the finest results. It’s best to spread out the sessions out during the day.


Before friend start, obtain into a comfortable position so her body is relaxed. Most people prefer law Kegel exercises as soon as lying down on a bed or sit in a chair. When you’re familiar with the exercises, friend should have the ability to do lock in any kind of position and also in any kind of place, such together standing and also waiting in a line.

Once you’re comfortable, follow this steps:

Breathe in deeply through your nose, letting her abdomen climb as that fills v air. Store your pelvic floor muscles peaceful as you breathe in.Breathe out slowly and smoothly with your mouth together you gently contract her pelvic floor muscles.Keep your pelvic floor muscle contracted because that 3 to 6 seconds (until her muscles start to obtain tired) while you breath out. This is referred to as a contraction.Breathe in again and release the contraction. This relaxes her muscles.Relax her muscles completely for 6 to 10 seconds. It’s really important the you relax fully between each contraction and that girlfriend don’t organize your breath. Constantly spend the exact same amount that time or longer relaxing your muscles together you did contracting them.

Repeat this practice 10 times every session.

If you have pain once you perform Kegel exercises, prevent doing the exercises appropriate away. Kegel exercises no harmful, yet they aren’t ideal for everyone. As soon as done correctly, most world find lock relaxing. They shouldn’t be painful. If you feel pain during or ~ Kegel exercises, you might not it is in doing the practice correctly, or Kegel exercises may not be suitable for you. Contact your health care provider to talk about this.

When to progress to much longer contractions

If her pelvic floor muscles don’t begin to get tired after a 3 to 6 second contraction, or if your pelvic floor muscle aren’t tired after you carry out 10 Kegel exercises in a row, you have the right to progress by stop the contractions for 6 to 10 seconds, climate relaxing your muscles totally for 10 seconds. Make sure you store breathing if you host the contractions.

Your goal should be to host a strong contraction for 10 secs 10 times in a row.

If you having an obstacle with the Kegel exercises, see a physics therapist the specializes in the pelvic floor can help. You can call your health care provider because that a referral.

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Support and also Information about Sexual Health and Intimacy

If friend need more support or information around sexual health and wellness or intimacy, friend can likewise talk through your healthcare provider around MSK’s female Sexual medicine & Women’s health and wellness Program. For much more information or to make an appointment, contact 646-888-5076.

The mrs Sexual medication & Women’s health Program gives services at the complying with locations:

Rockefeller Outpatient Pavilion160 east 53rd StreetNew York, NY 10022Evelyn H. Lauder chest Center300 eastern 66th StreetNew York, NY 10065 back to height

What to execute if you Have continued Pelvic ache or Incontinence

If you’re continuing to have difficulties relating come pelvic pain or incontinence, ask your medical care provider for a referral to among MSK’s physical therapists that specializes in pelvic health. Lock can address the reasons of pains or difficulties in your pelvic floor muscle area. You can additionally ask because that a referral if friend want assistance or guidance through vaginal dilator treatment or if you’re having actually trouble through your Kegel exercises.

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MSK’s physical therapists provide services in ~ the complying with location:

Sillerman center for Rehabilitation515 Madison path (entrance ~ above 53rd Street between Park and also Madison Avenues)4th FloorNew York, NY 10022

You have the right to reach the Sillerman center by phone call 646-888-1900.

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Contact your medical care provider if you:

Are having actually trouble identifying your pelvic floor muscles.Have pain as soon as you perform Kegel exercises.Have trouble doing Kegel exercises.Have concerns around your bowel, bladder, or sex-related function.Have pelvic pain.Want assist with your vaginal dilator therapy.Want a referral come a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic health. Back to height