5 prairie dogs for sale. 2 males, 3 females. The girls have been together and I’d prefer they stay together. The males would do better in houses without any type of female prairie dogs. Agnes variety between 5-6.5 years old. Email for more information.If yo...

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F3 Savannah Kittens

because that sale. 2 Brown Spotted, female, F3 Savannah kittens available. Potential snow carriers. Sire is a brown spotted F5 Savannah snow carrier and also has produced snow offspring. These girls have gorgeous faces and also banded helicopter ears. Meena has a bla...

2 proven breeder bag tenrecs 2 mrs 1 neutered masculine sugar gliders Nothing contained with the animalsTrade or cash

im willing to take in a young capuchin it is in need of a great home if you have a young capuchin you have the right to no much longer keep or have actually time for anymore please contact me asap ns willing to take it him/her in


I have actually two pairs each pair has a platinum and a leucistic. I’d like $1000 each pair or finest offer if you take it both pairs.


I have actually a child litter of SBT Savannah kittens. Over there is 4 brown spotted girls, 1 brown spotted boy, and 1 blue boy accessible for hold deposits. They will certainly come vet checked healthy and also age suitable vaccines. Plz call / message Debbie 1-937-248-3337 f...


Savannah F2 Melanistic boys

I have 2 Savannah melanistic F2 guys available. These guys do have actually the goats spotted and stripes , it is difficult to record in pics . They will certainly be vet checked healthy and come with age suitable vaccines. Castle will additionally be microchipped. Plz inspect your...

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Low contents Wolfdogs

Camel-Grandson of walk A Mile