Tri-County Exotics is one exotic animal and feed store in Winnsboro, TX. We sell pets from everywhere the human being to exotic pet lover in east Texas.

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Looking because that a distinctive pet to lug home? at Tri-County Exotics, we have a wide selection of funny exotic animals for households who love pets as much as us do.

If you interested in owning a pets monkey, hedgehog, lemur, parrot, kangaroo, or another exotic animal, you’ll uncover what you’re trying to find at Tri-County Exotics.

All of the exotic animals we market are legal come purchase and also own without a license in Texas. If girlfriend are outside of Texas, that is your duty to purchase any necessary license your state might require.

About ours Company

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Exotic Cats




Exotic Birds


1. Uncover A pet You Love

Shop ours online magazine or come visit our pet store. You deserve to reserve an pet online by picking a pet and also clicking “request.”


2. Research study Their Needs

We encourage girlfriend to execute a tiny bit that research prior to bringing house an exotic pet. Us can likewise answer any kind of questions girlfriend have.


3. Bring Your pet Home

We’ll provide you health and immunization records and a care sheet for this reason you deserve to take an excellent care that the newest and also cutest member of her family.

Feed & it is provided Store

WE DON"T JUST treatment FOR EXOTIC PETS... WE care FOR all PETS!

Tri-County Exotics is a one avoid shop for every one of your exotic pet needs. We sell exotic pets, food, and supplies. We also carry breed boy food and supplies.

As a Purina Mills and Jupe Mills dealer, we have the largest an option of exotic pet food in east Texas. If you require supplies us don’t carry, we can help you uncover what you looking for.

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If you are looking for exotic pets for sale in Texas or have any questions around our products, please contact us or avoid by our save in Winnsboro, TX anytime. Us look forward to offer you.

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"A rarely gem indeed. You won"t uncover a an option of pet this varied everywhere else in eastern Texas. Tarantulas, frogs, birds, snakes, fish, ferrets, Lemurs. You name it, he"s probably acquired it for sale or can get it."

Solman Grundy

"This ar I love i bought my new Lemur there and also I love him much more than any one could imagine, please prevent at this place. I love the staff!"

Annam Lopez

"Stopped by the save to see the brand-new pet addition. The manager and also staff are great. Glad we now have a keep close favor this for all your pet needs!!"