New York City is recognized as one of the most opulent urban in the world. Native the many expensive cocktails come the most millionaires, it makes sense the NYC would likewise sport several of the most expensive hotel suites. Examine out our favorite optimal 5 many expensive hotel suites in brand-new York City:

Penthouse Suite in ~ The mark – $75,000/night

The note Hotel is one of the most frequented celebrity hotels, situated on a tree-lined street on the Upper eastern Side of brand-new York City. The hotel has been named ideal City Hotel in the US and the Best Hotel in brand-new York in 2020 by and also Travel + Leisure, and being number one in the top 5 most expensive hotel suites in NYC.

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The crown jewel of the hotel is the duplex penthouse suite that spans 12,000 square feet. Made up of five bedrooms, 6 baths, 2 powder rooms, a library, a kitchen, a dining room, and also a living room (that can twin as a ballroom) and a 2,500-square-foot terrace the overlooks main Park, that can be transformed into everything from an ice skating rink. The suite to be designed through Jacques Grange, with custom do furnishings and intricately preserve pieces. Guest of The note Hotel have contained Oprah, Anna Wintour, Meghan Markle, Russell Crowe, Marc Jacobs, Katie Holmes, and also Kelly Ripa.


Ty Warner Penthouse Suite at the 4 Seasons – $50,000/night 

Located ~ above the 52nd floor the The four Seasons is the Ty Warner 4,3000 sq ft penthouse suite. A seven-year collaboration in between owner Ty Warner and architects I. M. Pei and Peter Marino, the one-bedroom suite expense $50,000,000 come build. Highlights include four cantilevered glass balconies, a private spa therapy room, and also a personal art collection. The decor functions hand-lacquered walls with mother of pearl inlay by American Artist Nancy Lorenz, Deborah thomas glass chandelier, and framed four ceiling-to-floor bookcases in an elaborate bronze-and-vine-leaf motif by French sculptors Claude and also Francois Xavier Lalanne.

The custom-made canopy bed might be one of the many comfortable in the world, made of Thai silk through 22-carat pure-gold threads. The cathedral ceilings peak at 25 feet and the Hastens mattress was totally hand-made in Sweden end 160 hrs from 100 percent herbal materials. Extr perks include a chauffeured Rolls-Royce.


Royal Suite in ~ the Plaza – $40,000/night

The Plaza remains among the many notable hotels in the world, and also the recently renovated 4,400 sq ft palatial three-bedroom imperial Suite is totally equipped through a chef’s kitchen, a library, a fitness room, and a living room with a cool piano- perfect for entertaining. There room so countless push up bars benefits. Together with every one of the suites in the hotel, the imperial Suite is inspired by the luigi XV layout of French décor, giving a emotion of both exquisiteness and also opulence. Accessibility by a personal elevator, this suite is a favorite for heads of state, celebrities, and large families. Views overlook fifth Avenue and the legendary Pulitzer Fountain.

Royal Suite at the Ritz-Carlton – $40,000/night

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The expansive 22nd floor, 2,000 sq ft suite features two bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths in a spacious layout overlooking main Park. Outfitted v custom furnishings, limited edition artwork indigenous NY artists, Carrara marble bathrooms and luxurious 400-thread-count Frette linens- this suite is perfect because that entertaining through multiple life areas. Personal butler business is easily accessible upon request.

Guests that the imperial Suite additionally have accessibility to the hotel’s society Lounge, which offers totally free breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, dessert, and also a presentation featuring champagne and caviar every Saturday evening.


Suite 5000 in ~ the Mandarin oriental – $36,000/night

The top Mandarin eastern in Columbus one is recognized for that is stunning panoramic main Park views and also amazing service.

The three-bedroom, the 3,300-square-foot penthouse suite attributes floor to ceiling windows, a media facility with a arsenal of brand-new York-centric films, a sound device with a brand-new York-themed playlist, and also a document collection preserve by Academy Records.

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Artwork by Katherine Mann and Andrew Levitas line the wall surface and the dining room functions a stunning Swarovski crystal wall surface installation.