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The navy Criminal Investigative service (NCIS) has opened one investigation into the virtual posting of potentially thousands of explicit image of current and former female Marines and also other business members, CNN has confirmed.

USMC sticker and also coin. (Credit: iStock by Getty Images)

A exclusive Facebook group dubbed “Marines United” included a connect to a Google journey folder, wherein the photos to be being stored, a united state defense main told CNN. Members on the site solicited rather to submit photos of females without your knowledge. The cloud storage folder has actually been gotten rid of at the request of the military, the official said. It was not clear to the Defense room how many current and former Marines may be involved in potential wrongdoing. A previous Marine originally lugged the issue to the attention of the marine Corps last month.

“We space thankful that cutting board Brennan, a marine veteran, notified the maritime Corps and NCIS about what he saw on the ‘Marines United’ page. It enabled us to take immediate action to have actually the clear photos bring away down and to prepare to assistance potential victims. Us are trying out what actions must be taken to best attend to this type of harassment in the future,” naval Corps spokesman Capt. Ryan Alvis said in a statement.

Brennan started The war Horse, a armed forces news site investigating defense and veterans issues, which first reported the allegations top top a separate site, Reveal, run by the facility for Investigative Reporting.

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Because that the ongoing investigation, officials would certainly not comment specifically on the case. However, Alvis included that “the marine Corps is deep concerned about allegations about the derogatory digital comments and also sharing of salacious photographs in a closeup of the door website. This habits destroys morale, erodes trust, and degrades the individual.”

Gen. Robert B. Neller, commandant that the maritime Corps, additionally declined to comment on the special, of the case. “For anyone come target one of our Marines, digital or otherwise, in an unreasonable manner, is distasteful and shows an absence of respect,” Neller said. “I mean every marine to show the greatest integrity and loyalty to fellow Marines at every times, on duty, off-duty, and also online.”

Sgt. Maj. Ronald Green, the Corps’ highest-ranking noncommissioned officer, said these allegations go against the core worths of the naval Corps. “There is no ar for this form of demeaning or degrading actions in ours Corps — this consists of our plot online,” green said. “We have to be brutally moral with ourselves and also each other. This actions hurts fellow Marines, family members, and civilians. The is a direct strike on our ethos and legacy.”

“Ultimately we have to take a look in the mirror and also decide whether us are component of the problem or the solution,” green said.