A an effective explosion ripped v a chemical plant in east China Thursday, killing at least 64 people and also severely injuring much more than 90 others.

Firefighters were still battling tiny fires Friday, after working with the night to placed out the main blaze, state media reported.

Drone footage from the country’s emergency management ministry reflects an commercial area external Yancheng city in Jiangsu province covered in firefighting foam, with storage tanks turned to twisted metals and also charred factory structures with roofs take it open.

neighborhood authorities said previously that dozens that fire trucks and hundreds that firefighters rushed come the step after the blast to be reported roughly 2 p.m. Thursday. The to explode was powerful enough for the seismological office to recognize a little earthquake in the area, follow to state media.

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Firemen work complying with an explosion in ~ a chemical tree in Yancheng in China"s east Jiangsu district early on march 22, 2019.
national broadcaster CCTV aired dramatic surveillance and cell phone videos of home windows blown the end in surrounding buildings at the time of blast, with witnesses telling reporters the affect could it is in felt as much as 5 kilometers (3 miles) away and also others saying they endured cuts from broken glass.

Several colleges are situated near to the chemical plant, Tianjiayi, including a kindergarten much less than a mile away, state media reported, prompting concern and also anger top top Chinese social media.


This photograph taken on march 21, 2019 mirrors fire and smoke rising following an explosion at a chemical tree in Yancheng in China"s eastern Jiangsu province.
State media reported the chemistry that resulted in the explosion was benzene, a highly flammable and also toxic link classified as a carcinogen, including that the pesticide manufacturing facility failed a government safety inspection last year.

Local ecological officials, who set up monitoring devices throughout the commercial park and nearby areas after the blast, claimed Thursday that hefty wind had developed favorable problem for toxicity air come dissipate.

The authorities have detained “relevant personnel connected to the accident,” follow to state media.

chairman Xi Jinping, on a state visit come Italy, urged rescuers to keep working and also ordered officials draw immediate lessons indigenous the accident.

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In august 2015, a collection of chemical explosions in ~ a container storage facility in the north port city that Tianjin killed more than 160 people and injured nearly 800 others.

A months-long federal government investigation found an overheated container of highly flammable dried nitrocellulose caused the early stage blast, with taking place fires burning untreated for days.

The authorities eventually arrested and also sentenced nearly 50 federal government officials also as agency executives and employees for their functions in the deadly accident, blaming lax safety and security standard and also corruption.