Manhole Explosions rock Astoria Block, No Injuries ReportedIt taken place just before 3 p.m. On Broadway and 32nd Street.

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Manhole to explode In Midtown Injures 2 building Workers, Snarls rush Hour TrafficFirefighters comment to the site, near Sixth Avenue and West 47th Street, just before 4 p.m.

Bronx Manhole to explode Injures 5 PeopleThe FDNY states it blew up while underneath a parked car, sending debris paris nearby.

FDNY: Street Salt Likely caused Upper eastern Side Manhole ExplosionsTwo manholes explosive on the Upper east Side Monday morning throughout the spring snowstorm.

Manhole Explosions rock Upper east SideTwo manholes exploded on the Upper east Side, scorching a sport utility car parked ~ above the street and ripping up the asphalt.

2 Con Ed workers Hurt when Manhole Explodes Near eastern Harlem Street FestivalThe blast happened around 2:30 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of 2nd Avenue and 110th Street, just blocks away from an yearly street festival.
Manhole Explosions Shatter home windows Of buildings In eastern VillageA sequence of manhole explosions sent shattered glass raining onto the sidewalk near the Union Square terminal Friday morning.
Manhole explosion In Elizabeth, brand-new Jersey sends Cover FlyingThe wet weather ~ above Wednesday brought about some alarming moment in Elizabeth, brand-new Jersey top top Wednesday, when electric installations underground started to explode.
Firefighter injured In Washington Heights Manhole ExplosionA firefighter was hurt Thursday evening when a manhole exploded in Washington Heights.
Crews finish Repairs after ~ Manhole to explode In Hell’s KitchenCrews perfect cleaning up damage on Saturday the was left behind by a manhole explosion in the center of Manhattan.
Manhole explode Shatters window In Hell's Kitchen, reasons Traffic MessAn underground explosion sent a manhole cover paris at approximately 11:38 a.m. At 45th Street and 9th Avenue.
2 Manholes Explode, absent Buildings, Rattle Nerves close to Penn StationThe blasts emerged at the edge of Eighth Avenue and 35th Street at roughly 10:16 a.m.
3 Firefighters, 2 energy Workers hurt In Brooklyn Manhole ExplosionsAt least one firefighter was injured late Thursday as soon as a manhole exploded and also caught fire in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
CBS2 Exclusive: Woman, 91, defines Being Hit through Glass when Manhole Cover go FlyingCon Edison said 600 fires have erupted in brand-new York City manholes since Sunday, and one woman was speaking after being hospitalized indigenous an explosion earlier this week.
Good Samaritan attributed With saving 2 In Cab as soon as Manhole Explodes In Midtown A bizarre and also dangerous event left two civilization injured in Midtown Manhattan Monday morning.
73-Year-Old Woman killed By Comfort lamb At Cultivate care Farms near BostonA comfort animal is thought to have actually caused the fatality of a volunteer in ~ a farm exterior of Boston, Massachusetts.
2 tigers At Pittsburgh Zoo Test positive For COVID-19Two tigers at the Pittsburgh Zoo have actually tested hopeful for COVID-19.

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New York City Announces First-In-The-Nation Vaccine Mandate For exclusive CompaniesNew York City previously enforced vaccine mandates because that city workers, but this would be the an initial in the country for exclusive employees.