On June 9, 2008, the butchered human body of Travis Alexander was found in his Mesa, Arizona home. The grisly nature that his death made instant headlines: through twenty-nine knife wounds, his neck slit, and a gunshot to the head, Travis was left come die. The prime suspect in the situation was Alexander’s ex-girlfriend, the attractive and also soft-spoken Jodi Arias. Despite Arias initially said the she was nowhere near the scene of the crime, small about this situation was together it seemed, and before lengthy she had been recorded lying to police. Together the investigation progressed, she lies advanced multiple times before finally resting on an appalling claim: she had actually killed Travis in self-defense. Follow me the way, frighten details emerged about the Mormon couple’s relationship, and soon graphic stories of their lurid sex-related encounters and jealousy-driven blowouts revealed a dark side to their life together. This revelations introduced a psychological filled with sex and deception but also raised comprehensive questions about Arias’s deceit, as world from throughout the nation struggled to recognize the bizarre civilization of Jodi Arias.

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Now, award-winning transfer journalist and bestselling writer Jane Velez-Mitchell, a veteran of several of the many storied court cases in recent memory, go behind the scene of the trial and also into the mental of a killer. Utilizing insider accounts from friends who knew Travis and also Jodi, Velez-Mitchell transforms her sharply-focused lens ~ above Arias and also offers her seasoned perspective on the case’s most pressing questions. Separating fact from fiction, she reports ~ above the bizarre and explicit stories that have both shocked and also fascinated the American public—from Jodi’s romantic background before meeting Travis, to your torrid sex life together, to the complicated role their Mormon faith played in the relationship’s demise. Through unbridled accessibility to the evidence and the case’s key players, Velez-Mitchell unearths Jodi’s contentious life v those closest to her, evaluating the paranoid and also erratic actions behind each relationship and illustrating the disturbing pattern of a murderer in the making.

Complete through photos indigenous the case and also Jane Velez-Mitchell’s new insights top top the crime, Exposed takes reader behind closed bedroom doors to uncover the truth behind the mystery and sordid life the Jodi Arias.

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About the Author:

Jane Velez-Mitchell is one award-winning television journalist, a bestselling author, and the hold of her own present on HLN. She is commonly in the media as an skilled commentator ~ above high-profile court cases, showing up on CNN, HLN, omg! Insider, TRU TV, E!, and other nationwide television programs.


Jane Velez-Mitchell has actually been deep inside the Jodi Arias trial, extending it from every angle. Now readers can follow Jane with the sordid, twisted tale as it unfolded and also get at the reality of the Arias saga. (Dr. Drew Pinsky, hold of HLN"s Dr. Drew on Call, Loveline, and Celebrity Rehab)Take zeal for info and add in her suffer reporting on trials and also dramas, and what you obtain is a riveting guide through among the many salacious and gripping situations in current history. (Robin Meade, hold of HLN"s Morning Express through Robin Meade)Jane Velez-Mitchell has a deeper expertise of this situation than anyone. She expose Jodi’s sexual secrets and takes us inside her twisted mind to get to the root cause of why she butchered Travis Alexander. A true-crime must-read! (Lisa Bloom, lawyer and new York time bestselling writer of Think and Swagger)Jane Velez-Mitchell cracks the Jodi Arias code-peeling far the lies to expose the disturbing truth behind this horrific crime that betrayal, deceit, and also revenge. (Jim Moret, chief correspondent, within Edition)