"Extreme Makeover: residence Edition" initially showcased homeowners in need on alphabet from 2003 to 2012, and also while we have missed the collection for numerous years, we deserve to rest easy learning that HGTV has revitalized it. The revival, which introduced in February 2020, is held by Jesse Tyler Ferguson native ABC"s "Modern Family," follow to residence Beautiful. 

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What we missed many from the original run? as well as the host and lead contractor, Ty Pennington, we loved the unlimited happy tears the display helped us produce as us watched deserving families receive your dream houses episode ~ episode. Oh, and of course, us loved chanting, "Move that bus!" to see the exterior makeover before seeing the awe-inspiring renovations inside! however what to be the most motivating episode the "Extreme Makeover: home Edition"? if it"s understandably difficult to choose just one, there"s one episode in details that pulled at our heartstrings the most.


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Airing ~ above January 10, 2010, viewers met the significant Cowan-Brown family, which consists of Heather and Andy Cowan-Brown and their 4 children. Your youngest daughter Kori has actually a blood an illness and a endangered immune system, and also the home"s whole downstairs was complete of unsafe black color mold. ~ Andy fully tore out walls and replaced everything, the mold returned, infiltrating the ductwork, internal walls, and also the subfloor. Too much water seeped right into the home"s walls, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for a mold infestation. During the episode, Ty Pennington said, "This house shouldn"t be live in."

The family closed off the area and also lived top top the main floor, i beg your pardon meant limited space. "We are simply doing our best to keep things dust and also mold-free ... Do the efforts to carry out what we can to store the residence from hurting ," heath said during the episode. Kori wasn"t the only household member to fall ill indigenous the mold either, so fixing this issue came to be essential. Because the family spent so much on medical bills for Kori"s condition, buying an additional home was out of the question.

Per the Kokomo Tribune, if the family went turn off on a much-deserved expedition to Disneyland, Ty and a massive crew demolished the home, building a brand-new beautiful 3,000 square foot residence from the floor up. The new home featured high-end finishes, stainless stole appliances, and enough room because that the entire family, and most importantly, it is currently safe to live in. It is in warned: this episode is a tearjerker!