TMZ has posted 2 videos that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott showing up to pull under the shirt of a woman at a St. Patrick’s day event, exposing her bare chest.

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The video shows Elliott, having a beverage on a overfilled bar rooftop, pulling down the woman’s shirt while a St. Patrick’s job Parade went on listed below them this previous Saturday. According to the report, a rep for Elliott called TMZ “it was all in great fun” and that the “woman no upset.” but the second of the two videos likewise appears to present her perhaps trying to ward off Elliott’s hand because that a second grab of her shirt.

Ezekiel Elliott was seen grabbing a woman’s shirts on Saturday, via a TMZ report. (Getty Images)

This incident might be a complete misunderstanding and also a non-issue. But it likewise could be the sort of thing that attracts the attention of the organization office. ~ all, Elliott — last season’s leading rusher as a rookie and also one of the leaders in jersey sales — is already very much top top the radar on one of the league’s most renowned teams. Yet he hasn’t constantly been highly visible because that the finest reasons.

Remember, the NFL has not officially close up door the publication on allegations of residential violence native 2016 do by Elliott’s ex-girlfriend. In ~ the supervisor Bowl, NFL commissioner i get it Goodell said there had actually not been any determination do on the case, which the league has actually investigated.

“I am not placing on any pressure on our investigators,” Goodell claimed on the Wednesday before Super bowl LI. “We have highly trained, extremely skilled civilization looking into this. We desire them to it is in thorough and we desire them to it is in fair and also come to the best conclusion.

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“When castle do, lock will educate me. In ~ this suggest there’s no timetable.”

This TMZ report is a different incident and also might be treated together such. Yet the NFL could think about whether Elliott’s actions hurt the personal conduct policy. Till we hear native the NFL — or Elliott or the mrs from the parade — saying it’s lot ado about nothing, there needs to be a tiny bit that concern.

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