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Fort Lauderdale plane (IATA: FLL, ICAO: KFLL, FAA LID: FLL), officially well-known as fort Lauderdale - Hollywood worldwide Airport, is the airport serving fort Lauderdale and the cruise terminals at harbor Everglades.

The airport is located 3 mile (5 km) southwest of the city centre of ft Lauderdale and also 21 miles north that Miami. Fort Lauderdale airplane is categorized together a major hub airport the serves commercial website traffic (by the united state Federal Aviation Administration).

The optimal ten busiest courses are domestic and international destinations, gift the adhering to ones: Atlanta, Newark, Nassau, brand-new York-La Guardia, Toronto, Baltimore, Port-au Prince, brand-new York-JFK, Montego Bay and Charlotte.

FLLserves together a base for IBC Airways, silver Airways and also Spirit Airlines. That is a focus city because that Allegiant Air and JetBlue.

In 2019, ft Lauderdale airport handled 36,747,622 passengers.

During 2020, FLL Airport just registered 16,484,132 passengers as result of coronavirus crisis.

Fort Lauderdale Airport consists of 4 Terminals: T1, T2, T3, and also T4.

Terminal 1 "New Terminal" - Yellow

Fort Lauderdale Terminal 1 is the new terminal (yellow) with 18 gates and three concourses, A, B and also C. It has 23 boarding gates.

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Terminal 2 "Delta" Terminal -Red

Fort Lauderdale Terminal 2 is recognized as the Delta terminal (red) it has 9 gates and Concourse D.

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Terminal 3 "Main Terminal" - Purple

Fort Lauderdale Terminal 3 has two concourses (E and F) with a complete of 20 gates.

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Terminal 4 "International Terminal" - Green

Fort Lauderdale Terminal 4 is also known as the global Terminal. It has actually two concourses (G and H).

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At FLL plane passengers have actually the adhering to services available:

- Restaurants and cafes- Shops- Duty Free- shoe Shine Service- ATMs- money Exchange- Luggage Carts

From FLL plane passengers have different options to acquire around:

Bus: Broward County route 1 web links the plane with different places along fort Lauderdale. Shuttles are also available.See an ext information

Trail-Rail: Runs to various counties: Broward, Palm Beach and Dade as well as Miami.See an ext information

Taxi: Get in ~ 10 minute to downtown ft Lauderdale. The expedition to Miami southern Beach is that 30 minutes.See much more information

Car Rental: Renting a vehicle in fort Lauderdale area is a an excellent way to relocate around. Check here the different vehicle rental agencies and options that you have actually at ft Lauderdale Airport!


Address: 100 Terminal Dr, fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, U.S.A.

Phone: +1 954-359-1200


about Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a city situated in Broward County, Florida, USA. The has around 180.000 inhabitants and also lots of human being travel to ft Lauderdale to take crusies indigenous its port.

Given its proximity to Miami city, that is likewise a an additional airport because that those who want to visit the city that sun, only located 45 kilometres from FLL Airport.

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In fort Lauderdale, friend can’t miss downtown, its beaches, Olas Boulevard, Flamingo Garden, among others.

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