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F. LEE BAILEYHavingdefended plenty of high-profile defendants since the 1960"s, F. LeeBailey to be an accomplished defense attorney at the time of the Simpsontrial. Bailey"s clients consisted of the likes the the Samuel Sheppard,the physician who to be accused of murdering his wife, and also who ended up being the inspirationfor the television series and movie The Fugitive.The weekend prior to Simpson"s preliminary hearing, Bailey was contactedby his friend, Robert Shapiro, who asked that to help in the defense ofSimpson. The 2 defense attorneys were rather close. Baileyhad been named as godfather come Shapiro"s oldest child. Bailey hadfavorably safeguarded Shapiro in a drunk driving situation twelve year prior tothe Simpson case. When Bailey himself had actually been charged v drunkdriving, he supplied his friend Shapiro to efficiently represent him.Alcohol appeared to be one of Bailey"s weaknesses. The very first linesof his 1975 memoir read, "Heavy trials make me thirsty." Ignoringhis girlfriend advice to cut back, Bailey asserted that "it"s mine fuel."Bailey"s lust for the spotlight do the Simpson trial rather enticing.Always a fan of the media, Bailey held numerous press conferences come discussthe progression of the case.In court, Bailey was a master as cross-examination. Hungry forthe chance to impeach Detective Fuhrman top top cross-examination, Baileysaid in a press conference that, "any lawyer in his ideal mind who wouldnot it is in looking front to cross-examining mark Fuhrman is an idiot."In 1994, at the same time as the Simpson trial, Bailey and also Shapiro representedone of the greatest marijuana dealers in the world. As component of a pleabargain, the client agreed to revolve over his assets to the U.S. Government.Included in his assets to be a huge amount that stock, which increased invalue from six million come twenty million in between the time that the plea andwhen the government attempted come collect. As the transaction was notput in writing, a commonwealth judge held a listening to recognize the state ofthe arraignment. The command witness because that the federal government was Shapiro,who testified that his knowledge of the commitment was the the governmentwas entitled to the appreciated section of the stock. Once Bailey walk notproduce the stock or the cash equivalent, the referee threw Bailey in jail.After forty-four work in a commonwealth detention center, Bailey gave up hisclaim to the stock.

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Viewing Shapiro"s acts together betrayal, Bailey hassworn never to attend to Shapiro again.O.J. Simpson psychological Homepage