‘Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal’ is a tv film the premiered in 2008 top top Lifetime. Directed by Tom McLoughlin, the story is based on the real-life occasions that had taken place at McKinney phibìc High institution in McKinney, Texas, in 2006. A group of five teenage cheerleaders became infamous for their violation the the institution rules. Coach Michaela Ward was unable to manage the girls after she found out the they were creating a ruckus outside the school campus — such as partying, drinking, visiting adult stores, and posting their tasks online. Also within the institution premises, the Fab five would break the decorum, disrupt classes, and resort come truancy. Ward, after gift unable to address the problem, resigned in October 2006. She connected the totality story prior to Lifetime Television, who then do a film based upon these very events.

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The mean girls who dubbed themselves the Fab Five made up Karrissa Theret, danielle Billelo, Shaunika Dancy, Brittney Rader, and also Elizabeth Griffin. Because the initial scandal take it place almost 14 years back, you might be wonder where are the teenagers now. Just how are they doing in your lives? Let’s discover out.

Danielle Billelo


Danielle Billelo is currently the basic Manager | chief of employee at T. Rowe Price, technology Development Center. She i graduated from the college of Mississippi together a Bachelor of applied Science (B.A.Sc.). She holds experience in hospitality administration and management, as well as, event and operations management.

Danielle met Alex in 2007 while she to be a student in the first year at the university. They started dating and also after graduating in 2012, the pair moved to brand-new York City. In Christmas 2018, Alex proposed her in the most romantic means possible and she said yes. The pair eventually tied the knot and also they are now leading a content, happy life.

Shaunika Dancy

From the minimal information available about Shaunika, what we do recognize is she is one aspiring model and also actress. She at this time resides in Dallas, Texas.

Brittney Rader

Brittney works as the director of Business advancement at TierPoint’s Dallas data center. She works with providers to develop customized colocation and cloud options to fulfill their that needs.

Elizabeth Griffin

When the Fab five were asked about their views around the scandal by Dallas News in 2008, Elizabeth said: “It was a stupid mistake. Us will never ever live it down, however we never ever thought about that at the time.” She graduated high school early and then attend college. Like the various other members that the group, she has additionally moved on and is now doing well. But her precise information is not easily accessible as of currently on the Internet.

Karrissa Theret

Karrissa Theret right now resides in Lufkin, Texas. Her social media handle are collection on private and therefore, that is a bit an overwhelming to know what she is act professionally together of now.

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We deserve to understand the the Fab 5 made some negative decisions as soon as they to be young. However, life has to go on and also we room happy the they have made decision to leave their previous behind. And we can only hope the best for them.