You could think clicking "Like" is the only way to stamp the public FB affirmation top top something—you're wrong. Facebook is checking your exclusive messages and automatically liking things you speak about. Update: kind of.

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The scanning i m sorry is either an monitor on Facebook's part of a intended effort—we're wait to hear earlier from FB increases the choose count for a provided page Like-able connect just by girlfriend talking about it. Auto-scanning is nothing new: Gmail has done it since day one to serve united state ads. Yet there are significant potential an individual consequences here—what if I'm talking around something disgusting, loathsome, and also offensive v a friend? carry out I want Facebook to instantly chalk that up as a Like? No. And also I doubt you perform either.

The auto-liking could also be a large deal for those who want to artificially inflate their popularity online—say, world with something to sell. "Yeap, that won't drive any kind of traffic to your website. But if your <sic> visiting an virtual store and also you see a many likes under the product climate this could cloud your judgement," note one commenter top top Hacker News, wherein the device was first reported.

To test the auto-scanning, article this attach to a friend—it should boost the like count by two. Ns was may be to separately verify the same result by message a link to singer The-Dream's main page to a friend. It increased his Likes there is no me ever clicking the button. As lot as i truly to favor (and love!) The-Dream, this isn't just how it's an alleged to work, Facebook. It turns out this was simply a very unlikely coincidence that played out in much more than one place—the auto-liking only uses to exterior links with installed Facebook liking. So, say ns send someone a private Facebook article with a post, which has a like button. That will boost the counter, not talking about The-Dream top top FB itself.

So your name isn't being linked publicly v something you're talking about privately—but if even a point out is enough to absent up a Like, the seems like that's pretty heavily diluting (even further) what "like" also means—from preference to just reference. Would certainly you speak every solitary proper noun friend utter each day need to be something girlfriend like?

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Update: follow to a facebook spokesperson, return messaging will auto-increase a page or link's prefer count, the won't publicly combine you with that Like. In other words, your identity won't be exposed. The full statement is below:

Absolutely no personal information has actually been exposed. Each time a human being shares a URL come Facebook, consisting of through messages, the variety of shares displayed on the society plugin for the website increases. Our equipment parse the URL being common in order come render the appropriate preview, and to additionally ensure the the blog post is not spam. This counts execute not impact the privacy setups of content, and URLs mutual through private messages are not attributed publicly through user profiles.

We did recently uncover a an insect with our society plugins wherein at time the counting for the re-publishing or prefer goes increase by two, and also we room working on resolve to settle the worry now. To be clear, this just affects society plugins turn off of Facebook and is not pertained to Facebook web page likes. This pest does not affect the user suffer with message or what appears on your timelines.

Update 2: facebook has further clarified the auto-like mechanism, explaining that facebook Pages aren't affected:

Absolutely no private information has actually been exposed and Facebook is not immediately Liking any Facebook Pages top top a user's behalf.

Many websites that use Facebook's 'Like', 'Recommend', or 'Share' buttons also carry a respond to next come them. This respond to reflects the number of times human being have clicked those buttons and additionally the variety of times human being have mutual that page's connect on Facebook. As soon as the count is raised via share over exclusive messages, no user info is exchanged, and also privacy setups of content are unaffected. Web links shared v messages carry out not influence the favor count on facebook Pages.

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We go recently discover a an insect with our social plugins where at times the counting for the re-publishing or prefer goes up by two, and also we room working on settle to solve the concern now. To it is in clear, this only affects society plugins turn off of Facebook and also is not related to Facebook web page likes. This bug does not impact the user experience with message or what shows up on your timelines.