When someone you’ve messaged before suddenly has actually a blank Facebook profile, girlfriend may uncover yourself wondering,

Will I ever see this human again?Are lock going with something difficult?Is this simply a glitch?

It deserve to be especially unnerving if the person is strict an digital friend.In this article, i’ll cover each possible reason for finding a blank Facebook profile and, if possible, what to do around it.

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Possible reasons Why You’re seeing A empty Facebook Profile

Reason #1: You’ve to be Blocked

When who blocks friend on Facebook, you’ll no longer have the ability to see their social media profile. Any old comment they left on your web page will remain, however you won’t check out anything they write-up after they clogged you.This behavior is comparable to what friend see once someone blocks you ~ above Instagram.

But to identify whether this happened, you’ll need to look for other clues. Here are a few:

Check her Old Chats

1. Open up a one-to-one conversation you’ve had with the person.


3. If you view the message, “Sorry, this contents isn’t easily accessible right now,” the person may have actually blocked you or deactivated their account.

Oops, mine Bad!

To see if you’ve accidentally blocked someone or been clogged is easy and also the process is comparable to unblocking someone on Instagram:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Pick Blocking.

3. Watch if the human being in question is on your Blocking list.

4. If they are, choose Unblock alongside their name.

Reason #2: your Friend Deactivated your Account

If someone has deactivated your account, you won’t watch their profile photo in a chat box or in Messenger. Previously, you also couldn’t send lock messages, yet for some reason, this has changed.

If a 3rd party is likewise unable to see their profile, they more than likely deactivated your account.

There are additionally other signs that one account has actually been deactivated:

Search your Friends List

If her friend deactivated their account (but no unfriend friend first), they’ll still show up on her Friends list. To search your girlfriend list:

1. Visit her profile by clicking her name or profile picture.

2. Choose Friends.

3. Click the search icon.

4. Form the who name.

5. If they show up, view if your profile picture is showing. If that isn’t, it is a sign they’ve deactivated your account.

6. If you click your name and also get this message, they’ve deactivated their account:

Reason #3: your Profile Is Private

If castle prefer, on facebook users deserve to make their profile posts, friends lists, and an individual info invisible come everyone however their friends. If they want to it is in extremely private, lock can even make these things visible to only some girlfriend or themselves.

If you have the right to visit a person’s profile page yet see nothing as well as their profile picture, your account is most most likely private.

Reason #4: Your app Or browser Is Malfunctioning

It’s possible that her Facebook app or browser is malfunctioning.

If you’re utilizing the facebook app, shot visiting the person’s page through a browser. If you’re maybe to check out their page through the browser, update your app and see if that fixes the problem.

If you on a desktop or laptop computer, shot using a various browser. If this works, shot updating the browser that wasn’t working properly.

Reason #5: her Friend offered Their profile A Blank-Over

For whatever reason, your friend might have decided to anonymize their profile. Reasons may encompass having a high-profile project or concerns over online safety. By picking a blank profile snapshot and posting no clearly shows content, they can enjoy facebook without worrying around snoops.

Because civilization can select different privacy settings, this opportunity overlaps with reason #3.


What does it average if I click someone's on facebook profile and its blank?

There are five main factors for seeing a empty Facebook profile:1. You’ve to be blocked.2. The human being deactivated their account.3. They collection their account to private.4. Your app or browser is malfunctioning.5. Her friend personal anonymized your profile.If you deserve to send the human messages, that eliminates the first two possibilities.

Why is mine friend's Facebook web page blank?

If your friend clogged you or deactivated your account, you won’t be able to see their facebook page. Lock may likewise have collection their account to personal or manually make it much more anonymous. And of course, there’s always the opportunity that your app or web browser is malfunctioning.

A quick Recap: Where’d My girlfriend Go?

If you encounter a blank Facebook profile:

To tell if an account has actually blocked girlfriend or been deactivated, open a current chat through the person.

If you to be blocked, you’ll be able to see their profile picture but won’t have the ability to send castle messages. If they’ve deactivated your account, the reverse will be true.

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The person may have set your account to private or manually anonymized your profile. You have the right to message personal accounts (that haven’t clogged you).Your Facebook app or internet browser may be the end of date.

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