With life in lockdown, social networks have never to be so essential for staying in touch.

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But thanks to the capacity to present live videos top top Facebook, Instagram and other sites, they’re likewise becoming a good source of education and also helping us enjoy ourselves, too.


From Strictly skilled Oti Mabuse hosting dance classes because that kids and also adults, to online festivals and concerts – and endless live pub quizzes – Facebook has become much more than just a location to swap messages and post memes.

But watching these videos on her smartphone or tablet certainly isn’t the many immersive experience, particularly if more than among you is watching. It likewise creates challenges if you’re trying come follow run or exercise videos.

However the is feasible to watch them on her TV, i m sorry solves just about every among these problems.


How come watch facebook Live video clip using to apologize TV and Chromecast

If you have a Google Chromecast or a an equipment with Google Chromecast features built-in (like the Nvidia Shield TV streaming an equipment and some Philips, Sharp, Sony and also Toshiba TVs), you can stream video to it from the on facebook app, proving they space both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can do the same with an Apple TV or a smart TV that supports AirPlay (including part LG, Samsung and Sony TVs).

Now look for a TV symbol in the height right-hand corner and tap itIf you have an to apologize TV or TV with AirPlay in it, pick AirPlay and also Bluetooth, then pick the relevant device. If you have a Chromecast an equipment select the name you originally referred to as the TV or streaming device from the perform displayed.Your video clip will now begin to pat on her TV.

Tap the TV symbol in the top right edge again as soon as you desire to disconnect. This stop the video clip playing.


How to usage the on facebook Watch App

If friend don’t have a Chromecast or AirPlay device, or you uncover the video won’t present properly, it’s worth considering the facebook Watch app which is available cost-free for TVs and other tools with Chromecast built-in, plus Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and the Microsoft Xbox games console.

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However, because the facebook Watch app doesn’t re-superstructure the very same layout as facebook it can be fiddly to discover the videos you’re spring for. The many effective method is come head come the search food selection from the left-hand side, type the name of the Facebook page that’s sharing the video (not the surname of the video itself) and also select that from the presented list.