Imagine making use of Facebook without the news feed, doesn’t do sense, right? facebook news feed is one of the important elements of the platform. Without it, friend won’t be able to see to update from your friends, short articles from pages the you follow, and news about current events. 

If your facebook news feeding is not loading, the is understandable if you get frustrated around it. Most of the time, this trouble is caused by downtimes top top Facebook’s servers, yet other components like slow internet connection, VPNs, and also system configuration should additionally be considered.

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In this guide, we space going come walk you through various methods on just how to solve Facebook news feed not loading.

To gain things started, shot to inspect the standing of Facebook’s servers first as the worry could it is in on your end. If this is the case, then the solutions mentioned listed below would not work. 

However, if your servers are running normally, head down below and shot the discussed solutions.

1. Inspect Your News feeding Preferences.

Facebook permits you to collection preferences on which articles would you prefer to view on your news feed. Primarily, you have the right to select in between ‘Top Posts’ and ‘Most Recent’. The ‘Top Posts’ alternative would screen all the trending story on her news feed. Top top the various other hand, ‘Most Recent’ would display the latest posts on her news feed. 

To change this, follow the steps below:

First, open up your internet browser and accessibility your facebook account.After that, click See More from the next menu.Finally, click Most Recent to watch the latest short articles on her news feed. You have the right to switch ago to Top story by clicking the Back to Top article button top top the optimal of her news feed.


If you want to customize her news feeding further, click the Accounts button top top the optimal right corner of her screen and navigate come Settings & Privacy > News feed Preferences. This would allow you to prioritize which posts to see first, unfollow groups or friends, control your snooze settings, and also reconnect v groups and also people the you have actually unfollowed.


2. Re-Login to her Account.

Usually, if facebook is not functioning properly, it is brought about by a momentary error that may have developed on your account. Thankfully, this have the right to be easily fixed through signing out of her account and also logging earlier in. 

This way, the connection between your browser and Facebook’s servers space refreshed and also your account data is reloaded. 

If you are on a browser, follow the steps listed below on exactly how to execute this process.

On Facebook’s key page, click the account button.After that, click on Log Out.


Finally, enter your account credentials and hit the Log In button to access your account again.

For Android users, check out the actions below.

On her device, open the Facebook app indigenous your house screen.After that, tap on the Menu icon.Now, role down and also tap on the Log out button.


Finally, get in your username and also password and tap the Log In button to re-access your account.

On the various other hand, if you are using an iOS device, follow the steps below.

First, open up the Facebook app on your iOS device.Now, tap on the Menu icon from the bottom navigation bar. After that, tap ~ above the Log out button in ~ the bottom that the page.


Finally, input your account details and tap the log in In button come log earlier into your account.

After logging back into her account, try to browse through your news feed to see if you would certainly still encounter the same problem.

3. Examine Your Time and Date Settings.

Most applications prefer Facebook use time details from your an equipment and match it with your location. If her device’s time and date setups don’t complement with the existing date and time of your location, then you would have difficulties loading her news feed and won’t it is in able to post on part occasions.

To set the exactly time on your computer, examine out the guide below.

First, press on Windows + I keys ~ above your keyboard to open Windows Settings.After that, click on Time & Language.Finally, make certain that ‘Set Time Automatically’ and ‘Set Time ar Automatically’ is enabled. 


For Android devices, girlfriend can set your date and time setups by law the following:

On her Android device, tap top top Settings to launch it.Inside the Settings, role down and also tap top top General Management.Now, tap on Date and Time.


Finally, revolve on Automatic Date and Time. Keep in mind that the naming and placing of this buttons can differ depending on your Android device.


If you are using one iOS device, you deserve to correct the date and time by following the steps below.

First, tap top top the Settings app on your iOS device.After that, tap ~ above the general tab.Now, tap on the Date and Time tab.Finally, make certain that Set Automatically is enabled.


After ensuring the your machine has the exactly date and time settings, go ago to facebook and shot loading your news feeding to watch if the trouble is already fixed.

4. Clear browser Cache and also Cookies.

Browsing cache and cookies space temporary papers stored on your maker locally by her browser. This data are used to improve your browser’s performance and also cut the loading time of websites that you have currently visited. 

However, caches and cookies can accumulate over time and also get corrupted throughout use. Instead of helping her browser, that actually causes it come encounter problems when loading websites. 

To solve this, shot clearing her browser’s data to eliminate corrupted caches and also cookies.

First, press CTRL + H keys on your keyboard while your web browser is open to beginning the History tab.After that, click the Clear browsing Data tab.Now, click on the checkbox beside ‘Cached Images and also Files’ and also ‘Cookies and Other site Data’ to encompass them in the clearing process.Lastly, click on the Time Range tab and also select ‘All Time’. Click on Clear Data to start the process.


Once done, go ago to on facebook and try loading her news feed again to watch if the worry is currently resolved.

However, if your facebook news feed is still no loading, continue to the next method below to deal with the problem.

5. Rotate Off VPN.

Since security and also privacy have remained in question once using the internet, VPN services were readily available to store your data private online. It functions by redirecting your traffic to one more server far from your location and masks your original IP attend to to save your identification hidden. 

However, VPNs have the right to interfere with your network due to the fact that it randomly changes your IP. Through this, a ideal connection between your machine and Facebook’s servers can not be established.

If your facebook news feed is not loading, shot turning off your VPN to view if this fixes the problem.


6. Disable web browser Extensions.

Extensions are small applications that are set up on your browser to provide additional features to specific websites. However, web browser extensions deserve to interfere with just how websites work and could cause issues along the way. 

Try come disable your web browser extensions that space not pertained to Facebook and also see if your news feed will now pack properly.

On her browser, click on the Options button beside your Profile icon.After that, click on Settings.Inside the Settings, click the Extensions tab to open it.Lastly, disable any type of browser extension that is not concerned Facebook.


7. Inspect for Updates.

If your facebook news feeding is not loading ~ above the application, shot to check for updates. Possibly, the version of facebook on your machine has a bug related come the news feed or the is no longer supported by Facebook’s servers. 

To inspect for an upgrade on Android devices, monitor the step-by-step guide below.

On your Android device, tap on Google beat Store to open it.After that, tap top top the Menu button inside the find bar.Now, tap on My Apps & Games indigenous the next menu.Finally, if an upgrade is available, tap top top the update button next to the Facebook app.


On the other hand, because that iOS devices, follow the steps listed below on how to upgrade the facebook app.

First, open up the App Store from your house screen.Inside the App Store, tap ~ above the Updates tab.Finally, tap ~ above the update button alongside the Facebook app if an upgrade is available.


After update the facebook app, shot loading your news feeding again to watch you are now able to fill it without problems.

8. Reinstall the on facebook App.

If a an easy update can not solve the problem with the on facebook app, climate we suggest that you simply reinstall the application instead. This way, you room sure that any errors or bugs are eliminated and that you room running the latest possible version that the applications on your device.

For Android users, follow the guide listed below on how to execute this process.

On your residence screen, tap and hold on the on facebook app until the Options food selection appear.Now, tap top top the Uninstall button and also follow the on-screen prompts to eliminate the app from her device.


Lastly, go to the pat Store and reinstall the app.

On the other hand, if you space using one iOS device, you have the right to reinstall on facebook by following the guide below.

First, press on the Facebook app till the Options food selection appears on your screen.After that, tap top top Remove App come uninstall on facebook from her device.


Finally, walk to the application Store and also reinstall the Facebook application on your device.

Once did you do it reinstalled Facebook, go to her news feed to check out if it is currently loading properly. 

9. Try A various Search Browser.

For desktop computer users, if you are having troubles loading her news feed on Facebook, try using a various browser. Net browsers use various engines to render the materials of a website and also display it on our screen.

However, these engines do not translate the codes created on a website the same way. This way that some browsers would have the ability to load a particular website without problems, but another browser can struggle to open that website.

To rule out this scenario, try using renowned browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which are highly supported by on facebook developers and other web developers.

10. Shot Using Tailwind.


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11. Report the problem to Facebook.

If nobody of the methods above helped girlfriend in solving your problem, that is best that you let the specialists handle the situation.

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Report the problem to Facebook and also have them deal with the concern with their platform. Nothing forget to encompass important details prefer your account information and also the device you room using when reporting an problem to aid Facebook deal with the problem faster. 


This brings us to the end of your guide. If you understand other ways on just how to resolve the worry with the facebook news feed not loading, please share it in the comment ar below. Wednesday be glad to offer credit to her name for the solution as soon as this write-up gets updated.