We"re partnering v FactCheck.org, PolitiFact and also Washington short article Fact Checker valley Kessler to carry out real-time checks.

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By invoice Adair – February 3, 2019 | print this article


UPDATE, Feb. 5, 11 p.m.: our FactStream application failed during the State that the Union address. We apologize because that the problems. We room still sorting the end what happened, but it shows up we obtained hit v an unexpected surge of website traffic that overwhelmed our servers and our architecture.

As we listed at the bottom of this post, this to be a test – only our second of the app. We’ll fix the problems and be far better next time.


The Reporters’ lab is teaming up through the Washington Post, PolitiFact and FactCheck.org to market live fact-checking the the State that the Union attend to on Tuesday night ~ above our brand-new FactStream app.

Journalists indigenous the Post, PolitiFact, and FactCheck.org will provide real-time updates throughout the speech in 2 forms:

Ratings – web links to formerly published fact-checks through ratings once the chairman repeats a case that has been confirm before.

Quick takes – instant updates about a statement’s accuracy. They will be labeled red, yellow and also green to indicate their truthfulness.

Tuesday’s speech will be the 2nd test of FactStream. The first test, carried out during last year’s State of the Union address, noted users through 32 updates. Us got an important feedback and have make several renovations to the app.

FactStream is component of the fight it out Tech & inspect Cooperative, a job to automate fact-checking that is sponsor by items Foundation, the facebook Journalism Project and the Craig Newmark Foundation. Extr support has been provided by Google.

FactStream is obtainable for iPhone and iPad (sorry, no Android version yet!) and is a complimentary download from the app Store.

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The live occasion feature for the State that the Union address is marked by an icon of calendar v a check mark.

The application has 2 streams. One, displayed by the house symbol in the reduced left that the screen, gives a continuous stream of the latest fact-checks released every day transparent the year. The live event feature for the State the the Union deal with is marked by an icon of a calendar v a inspect mark.

Because this is a test, users can encounter a couple of glitches. We’d love to hear around any bugs friend encounter and get your feedback at team