Between 2001 and 2009, George W. Shrub served together the 43rd chairman of the unified States. A former Republican branch of Texas and son that George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush embodied the stress, overload of post-Cold war triumphalism that emphasized us predominance in the world.

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Where his predecessor invoice Clinton had aimed at transferring a “peace dividend” come a nation tired of global campaigns, Bush’s presidency was dominated by the intrusions of Afghanistan and also Iraq in the wake up of the 9/11 terror attacks.

Bush’s heritage is largely characterized by the terrorist strikes in new York and also Washington and the battles that succeeded them. He additionally served as a pilot, changed the assembly of the can be fried Court, and is remembered for his distinctive transforms of phrase. Below are 10 facts about George W. Bush.


President George W bush in his trip suit during organization in the Texas Air national Guard.

Image Credit: united state Air pressure Photo / Alamy share Photo

1. George W. Bush served as a military pilot

George W. Bush flew army aircraft for the Texas and also Alabama Air national Guard. In 1968, bush joined the Texas Air nationwide Guard and participated in 2 years of training, after which he was assigned to fly Convair F-102s indigenous the Ellington field Joint to make reservation Base.

Bush was honourably discharged native the Air force Reserve in 1974. He stays the many recent chairman to serve in the United claims military. His army record ended up being a campaign issue in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.

2. Bush was the 46th governor of Texas

After graduating Harvard organization School in 1975, shrub worked in the oil industry and also became a co-owner of the Texas ranger baseball team. In 1994, shrub challenged the democratic incumbent Ann Richards for the governorship that Texas. He won through 53 percent of the vote, becoming the first child of a united state president to be chosen a state governor.

Under his governorship, bush increased state security on elementary and second education, enacted Texas’s biggest tax-cut and helped Texas end up being the top producer the wind powered power in the US. He likewise increased the number of crimes because that which juveniles could be sentenced to prison and authorized more executions than any previous governor in contemporary American history.


Texas Gov. George W. Bush during a campaign fundraising event June 22, 1999 in Washington, DC.

Image Credit: Richard Ellis / Alamy share Photo

3. Bush’s election hinged on the cancelled Florida recount

George W. Bush was chosen President of the United states in 2000, beating the democratic Vice president Al Gore. The choice was close-run and also depended ~ above the can be fried Court decision Bush v. Gore to avoid a recount in Florida.

The same of vote in Florida, a state governed by brothers Jeb Bush, and particularly the defense of the rights of black citizens, was uncovered by the the U.S. Commission on Civil legal rights to it is in “largely responsible for the broad array of troubles in Florida during the 2000 election.”

Bush to be the 4th person come be chosen president without winning the well-known vote, the previous event being in 1888. Donald Trump also failed to win the famous vote in 2016.


President George W. Shrub on the phone through Vice President dick Cheney from Air pressure One en path to Washington, D.C. On September 11, 2001.

Image Credit: AC NewsPhoto / Alamy share Photo

4. Bush signed the controversial Patriot plot in the wake of 9/11

Following the terrorist assaults of 9/11, bush signed the Patriot Act. This expanded the monitoring abilities of legislation enforcement, permitted law enforcement to find homes and businesses there is no the owner’s consent or knowledge, and authorized indefinite detention without trial of immigrants. Federal courts later ruled that multiple provisions in the act to be unconstitutional.


20 September, 2001, share Session that Congress.

Image Credit: Everett Collection historic / Alamy stock Photo

5. Shrub declared a war on terrorism following 9/11

In late 2001, the joined States and also its allies attacked Afghanistan, targeted at remove the Taliban government and justified by the public aim of dismantling al-Qaeda, which to be responsible for the strikes in new York and also Washington D.C. Top top 11 September 2001.

This constituted component of a an international war on terrorism, announced by shrub in a share session of congress on 20 September 2001. This experienced the unified States and its allies attempt to rearrange the Islamic civilization by force. The unilateral military action favoured by George W. Shrub was termed the bush Doctrine.

6. George W bush ordered the intrusion of Iraq in 2003

Citing insurance claims that Iraq possessed weapons of massive destruction and was harbouring Al Qaeda, George W. Shrub declared the intrusion of Iraq in 2003 with large sympathy native the American public. This began the Iraq War. Amongst other criticisms of the war’s rationale, a 2004 United claims Senate report found the pre-war knowledge on Iraq to be misleading.


Iraq War, march 2003. Baghdad ablaze during the allied bombing on the first night that the Shock and also Awe operation.

Image Credit: Trinity winter / Mirrorpix / Alamy share Photo

Though the early stage invasion finished quickly, the decade-long war in Iraq brought about the deaths of hundreds of thousands the people and precipitated the 2013-17 war in Iraq. ~ above 1 might 2003, complying with a jet landing ~ above the USS Abraham Lincoln, President shrub famously check the unified States’ success in Iraq in prior of a banner stating “Mission Accomplished”.

7. Shrub made two successful appointments come the can be fried Court

Bush was re-elected to a second term that the Presidency in 2004, defeating the democratic senator man Kerry. Bush’s campaign prioritised the war on terrorism, while Kerry criticised the war in Iraq. Bush won v a slim majority. Throughout his 2nd term, shrub made effective appointments come the supreme Court: man Roberts and also Samuel Alito.

These appointments yielded on campaign promises and also left a lasting influence on the nine-member supreme Court, appointments come which have lifetime tenure. Meanwhile, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continued. Partly as a result, by November 2006, the Democrats had won manage of both dwellings of Congress. Bush was president as soon as the an excellent Recession began in December 2007. 


Aerial check out of massive flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina submerging neighborhoods and highways respectable 30, 2005 in brand-new Orleans, LA.

Image Credit: FEMA / Alamy share Photo

8. Hurricane Katrina rotate the birds on Bush’s reputation

Bush was greatly criticised for the government response to Hurricane Katrina, among the worst natural disasters in united state history. Shrub remained on holidays before and immediately ~ the hurricane struggle the Gulf coast on 29 respectable 2005. End a thousand human being died and hundreds of thousands to be displaced.

Bush’s reputation as a situation manager to be undermined and his polling did no recover during his presidency. Early in the crisis, bush praised an company that to be widely viewed as ineffective. In particular, a picture of shrub looking from the window of a plane onto the devastation caused by Katrina showed up to show his detachment native the situation.

9. Bush is remembered for his turns of phrase

Bush is as likely to be remembered for his unexplained statements and also mispronunciations together for his foreign policy. Recognized as Bushisms, George W. Bush’s explanation were notorious for regularly making the opposite allude than to be intended. The lines “They misunderestimated me,” and, “Rarely is the concern asked: Is our youngsters learning?” are typically attributed to Bush.

For example, on 5 august 2004, shrub said that, “Our opponents are innovative and also resourceful, and also so room we. They never stop thinking about new ways to damage our country and our people, and also neither perform we.”


Former president George W. Bush and former very first Lady Laura Bush, stand for the nationwide anthem during a wreath ceremony at Arlington nationwide Cemetery, component of the 59th Presidential Inauguration events January 20, 2021 in Arlington, Virginia.

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Image Credit: DOD photograph / Alamy share Photo

10. A post-presidential painter

In much more recent history, George W. Shrub has revealed himself as a hobbyist painter. His 2nd collected book of portraits, exit in 2020, focused on immigrant to the unified States. In the introduction, he writes: that immigrant “is probably the many American that issues, and it must be one the unites us.”

Bush’s heritage on immigration during his presidency is mixed. His bill that would have granted citizenship come undocumented immigrants failed in the Senate, and his administration instituted few of the harsh policing the immigrants. Bush’s previous publication focused on combat veterans.