Much that the narrative ahead of the election had actually been the Mr trumped was sustained by angry, white men. To gain an insight into which teams actually voted for him, you deserve to look in ~ the exit poll conducted throughout the country by Edison research for the nationwide Election Pool, a consortium of alphabet News, The connected Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News and also NBC News.

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It is very an overwhelming to acquire a genuinely representative sample that how more than 120 million human being have voted. It is a huge survey - of virtually 25,000 voters - and also they room the best figures available, yet they have to be provided with caution.

It throws up part odd results, such as that 10% of people who support the idea of a wall along the mexico border however voted because that Mrs Clinton, when 5% of people who believed the next president should proceed the plans of Barack Obama poll for grandfather Trump.

Bear in mind the the proportions space unlikely to include up come 100%, due to the fact that not everybody answered all the questions and also there were various other candidates standing in the election, who received about 5% that the votes.


The poll argues that 53% of males voted for mr Trump, v 41% voting because that Mrs Clinton - those proportions are nearly exactly reversed for women.

Among white voters (who consisted of 70% the voters), mr Trump winner 58% to Mrs Clinton's 37%, while the autonomous candidate winner the assistance of a huge bulk of black color voters - 88% to mr Trump's 8% - and Hispanic voter - 65% to his 29%.

Looking especially at white women, castle favoured grandfather Trump, with 53% supporting him contrasted with 43% for Mrs Clinton.


It has been widely reported that the 29% that Hispanic voters who sustained Mr trumped was greater than the 27% who voted for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney in 2012, in spite of Mr Trump's comments about Mexicans and plans to build a wall surface on the US's southerly border.

Mrs Clinton had actually the bulk of voters on reduced incomes, v 52% the those top top incomes listed below $50,000 (£40,000) a year sustaining her contrasted with 41% poll for she opponent. Among those earning more than $50,000, it was 49% to mr Trump compared with 47% to Mrs Clinton.

Mrs Clinton's support among those ~ above incomes below $30,000 to be well down on president Obama's in 2012. He had 63% assistance from the group compared with 35% voting because that Mitt Romney, while granny Clinton had actually 53% support to mr Trump's 41%.

There was also a big swing for voter without a high college diploma, v Mr Trump top 51% to Mrs Clinton's 45%. Four years ago, president Obama had 64% assistance from this group compared with Mitt Romney's 35%.

Mr Trump won the rural poll by 62% to 34% and the suburban poll by 50% to 45%, while granny Clinton won the city vote through 59% come 35%.


And he had a clear majority among those age 45 and over, while granny Clinton was much more popular through younger voters.

There were stories prior to the choice of republicans planning to vote for granny Clinton because they did not choose their very own candidate, however the departure poll actually argued that 7% of people who identified themselves as Republicans had actually voted for Mrs Clinton, if 9% the those who established as Democrats had voted for mr Trump.

Of world who offered their opinion that the candidate lock voted for, 41% strong favoured them, 32% had actually reservations and 25% stated they disliked the opponents.

Also amongst the slightly odd result of the poll, 18% that respondents who felt that Mr trump was no qualified to it is in president nonetheless voted for him, as did 20% of those who felt he did not have the necessary temperament.

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And 2% of respondent who claimed they would certainly feel fear if mr Trump won, tho voted because that him, contrasted with 1% that voted for Mrs Clinton, regardless of saying they would be fear if she won.