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The original plot was based on a memoir by Maria von Trapp (née Kutschera). 20th Century Fox

"The Sound the Music" centers on the von Trapps, a real Austrian family.

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The Broadway music — which later inspired the 1965 film — was based on the memoir "The Story the the Trapp family Singers" by Maria von Trapp (née Kutschera). However, the plot didn"t constantly stay true come the resource material.

For example, there were 10 von Trapp kids not seven, Maria came as a guardian for one of the kids not together a governess for all of them, and also Maria and also Captain von Trapp to be married 11 years before the household left Austria.

Perhaps the largest historic inaccuracy to be the climactic finishing of the film, whereby the household escapes come Switzerland over the Alps as the Nazis invade Austria.

According to, the real family pretended they were going on vacation in Italy (by train) the day before the Austrian boundaries were closed. When they arrived, they collection up a plan to take trip to the US.

The Villa Trapp is a historic landmark in Austria, yet they couldn't film the movie there.


Christopher Plummer played Captain von Trapp in the film. 20th Century Fox

Fans from across the globe travel to Salzburg, Austria, to tour the sets and real-life historical landmarks indigenous the film, including the Villa Trapp,the von Trapp family"s home.

But the villa couldn"t actually be offered as a filming website for the movie because it was populated by the Missionaries that the priceless Blood at the time.

Today, the home has actually been converted into a hotel, wherein fans deserve to visit and also learn the story the the real-life von Trapp family.

Filming the opened scene was no as blissful as it showed up on the screen.


Julie Andrews together Maria in "The Sound that Music." 20th Century Fox

Tom Santopietro, the writer of "The Sound that Music Story," told within Edition in 2015 that filming the iconic opening scene, where Julie andrews is joyfully singing in the mountains, wasn"t easy.

"When the helicopter zoomed in top top Julie Andrews, the downdraft from the helicopter was so strong that Julie andrew kept getting knocked down into the mud," he said.

Charmian Carr additionally had a behind-the-scenes mishap throughout a musical number.


Charmian Carr and Daniel Truhitte in "The Sound the Music." 20th Century Fox

According to the elevation Ireland, Charmian Carr, who played Leisl, hurt herself when filming "16 going on 17."

During the dance break, the personality leaps across the benches lining the within of a gazebo, however the costume department forgot to placed rubber soles ~ above the bottom of her shoes, therefore on her very first jump, she slipped, damaged one that the gazebo"s glass panes, and also sprained she ankle.

Despite the injury, Carr finished filming the run number — i m sorry garnered a stand ovation from the crew.

Andrews had actually to rescue the youngest von Trapp gibbs from drowning.

Anthea "Kym" Karath played Gretl von Trapp in "The Sound of Music." 20th Century Fox

Anthea "Kym" Karath, who played young Gretl von Trapp, likewise found herself in a precarious situation on set.

Andrews recalled the filming the the scene wherein Maria and also the children fall out of the boat during a 2019 figure on "The Graham Norton Show."

"... Just before we rolled, this assistant director waded into the water and also said, "Can ns ask girlfriend something Julie? The little one doesn"t swim,"" she said.

He then asked she to loss forward and try to acquire to Karath as conveniently as possible once they landing in the water.

"... I went over the earlier rather than over the front. Never ever swum the breaststroke so fast in my life to get to her, "Andrews continued. "And that poor, lovely kid went under a couple of times, but she came up and also threw up and then was fine."

The real Maria von Trapp do a cameo in the film.

The actual Maria von Trapp is in the background during "I have Confidence." 20th Century Fox

According to Express, the genuine Maria von Trapp do a brief cameo in the film.

She have the right to be viewed walking previous an archway while andrew is singing "I have actually Confidence."

Christopher Plummer claimed Captain von Trapp was his most complicated role — largely because he didn't like the film.

Christopher Plummer and Julie andrew in "The Sound that Music." Bettmann/Contributor/Getty pictures

As a trained shak spa actor, the so late Christopher Plummer had plenty of starring roles under his belt prior to he joined the cast of "The Sound that Music."

But during a Hollywood Reporter roundtable in 2011, the actor said it to be the toughest function he ever before played.

"Because it was so awful and sentimental and gooey," the said. "You had to work-related terribly hard to try and infuse some miniscule bit of humor right into it."

Plummer later on told The day-to-day Beast in 2017 that he wasn"t particularly fond that the movie.

"It"s not my cup that tea, that"s all, and somebody had to be cynical," that said. "Of course ns don"t loathe it. It"s a really great movie of its kind. I think it"s Julie"s finest picture."

Plummer reportedly said he to be drunk throughout his second "Edelweiss" performance

Christopher Plummer together Captain von Trapp. 20th Century Fox

Per the irish Times, Plummer mutual on the DVD commentary for the 35th anniversary edition of the film the he was drunk if filming the music festival step — where he sings "Edelweiss" for the second time.

"Edelweiss" has been mistaken because that the Austrian nationwide anthem by pan of the film.

Fans and public figures alike thought the tune was crucial to the country. 20th Century Fox

After "The Sound the Music" premiered, plenty of fans seemed to assume that "Edelweiss" was Austria"s nationwide anthem.

According come The Washington Post, in 1984, Ronald Reagan reportedly also quoted "Edelweiss" in his toast to Austrian president Rudolf Kirchschläger during a state dinner at the White House.

The tune was written particularly for the Broadway musical and later supplied in the film.

The actual von Trapp family members inadvertently marketed their civil liberties to the film.

The genuine Maria had already sold the legal rights to the story prior to "The Sound that Music." 20th Century Fox

The genuine Maria originally sold the civil liberties to she memoir to German producers.

The two movies they made, "The Trapp Family" (1956) and also its sequel "The Trapp family in America" (1958), were fairly successful in post-World war II West Germany.

The American playwrights climate purchased the civil liberties to the story from the German producers, therefore the real von Trapp family didn"t have actually much of a to speak in "The Sound the Music."

But the household does make part money from royalties, according to Vanity Fair.

Once the real von Trapps landing in America, they opened a family lodge.

The Trapp family Lodge is located in Vermont. twentieth Century-Fox

After the von Trapp family members fled to America, they traveled around the country in a van because that years performing concerts.

They at some point landed in Stowe, Vermont, wherein they to buy a lodge ~ above a farm.

The Trapp household Lodge is still activate by members that the von Trapp family members today, and guests have the right to stay at the resort and also learn around their story.

The film was on a perform of broadcast programs to it is in aired in the occasion of a atom strike during the Cold War.

The film's uplifting story deserve to have a calm effect. 20th Century Fox

According come BBC, during the height of the Cold War, "The Sound of Music" was part of a series of recorded programs the network had actually on hand to play ~ above a loop in the instance of a atom strike.

The film got 10 Oscar nominations.

"The Sound that Music" won the award for ideal picture. 20th Century Fox

At the 1966 Academy Awards, "The Sound of Music" was nominated in 10 categories, including best picture.

Andrews didn"t take house the compensation for finest actress, yet the film won the grand prize along with four various other Oscars.

Two initial songs were written for the movie.

Richard Rodgers and also Oscar Hammerstein II wrote and composed the music. 20th Century Fox

Famous duo Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II wrote and composed the music because that the Broadway musical, most of i m sorry was included in the movie.

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Like numerous movie adaptations that musicals, original songs were also included to "The Sound that Music." however Hammerstein died in 1960, five years prior to its premiere, so Rodgers wrote"I have actually Confidence" and "Something Good" on his own.

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