While the USAF is the youngest the the five branches of the joined States equipped Forces, it’s also the largest and also most technologically progressed in the world.

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The United claims Air pressure is all around securing the air, space, and cyberspace arenas because that America. Every day, Airmen train come respond to situations from terror assaults to catastrophic relief efforts. As big as it is complex, the USAF offers much more than just energetic duty opportunities.

Those that serve have four various options:

Air Force energetic DutyAir national GuardAir force ReserveAir pressure Civilian Service

Curious around the branch that takes to the skies and also space much more than any other service?

Read on come learn more about the history and manpower that is the United claims Air Force.

Air force Facts come Know

Photo by Airman Frankie D. MooreWhether you’re interested in an Air force career it is part-time or full-time, the minute you start your Airman training, you’re preparing for real-world experience.

Job-applicable skills are part of your training process so you have the right to do your task well and also prepare because that a life external the Air pressure one day.

Another Air force fact: Your technical training can take almost everywhere from 6 come 72 weeks, relying on your job path. The choices are unlimited when you take into consideration you have the right to train for many every career ar — from aircraft maintain officer job-related to audiologist and also clinical social worker roles.

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Whether she looking for extr job an abilities training or a stable paycheck, you’ll discover both and also then part in the United claims Air Force.

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