For one emergency or crime in progress, DIAL 911 NOW.

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Do NOT use this form.

In solution to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the community Reporting system will expand operating hours to 24 hours a day. In an effort to administer exemplary service while keeping the health and safety of neighborhood members and police officers, all non-emergency occasions may it is in designated come be tackled over the telephone in lieu of challenge to confront contact with an officer.Using this neighborhood Reporting System allows you come report a crime 24/7 within Fairfax County; however, not every crime deserve to be reported. Please check out the information listed below to determine if utilizing this device is appropriate for your purpose. One officer will reply within 72 hours.


Reportable types of Crimes:

Bicycle TheftCivil DisputeDestruction of personal Property/VandalismLarceny/Theft from Motor vehicle or PartsLarceny/Theft Under $5,000Lost PropertySuspicious Person/VehicleSolicitor ViolationsTelephone Harassment/ThreatsTrespassingUnoccupied Hit and also Run Accidents




You cannot Report these Crimes:

Aggressive drivingBreaking and also entering your home or business, perfect or attemptedCheck, credit card cases, stolen values over $5,000Incidents occurring within previous 30 minutesLarceny by forceLarceny end $5,000Larceny through a steal driver’s license, passport or social security card.Sex crimes, perfect or attemptedLost or Stolen patent plate(s)Stolen prescription drugs/narcoticsStolen vehicles, completed or attemptedTheft or loss of a firearmViolent crimes, completed or attempted


Call come Report

If you are the victim of one of the occurrences mentioned above please speak to our non-emergency number at 703-691-2131 so an officer can be dispatched to take the report.

Important Tips for Filing a Report:

1. Filing a false police report is a CRIME.

Legal Disclaimer for ar Reporting System:

Be advised that it is a crime to do a false police report. Anyone found to have submitted a false police report will be prosecuted under the government of Virginia State Code, section 18.2-461, which shall be punishable as a course 1 misdemeanor. Maximum feasible penalty is one year in jail and/or $2,500 fine.


By beginning your report, you have acknowledged the explain above. As soon as reporting a crime through this system, the does no initiate an investigation by one officer, nor will an officer be assigned automatically to the case.

2. You need to be in ~ least 18 year of age. 

3. Please make sure to revolve off her pop-up prevent software prior to filing the report.

4. Upon perfect of your report procedure you will certainly be given a momentary report number, and also will have the ability to print a copy that the temporary report for your records.

5. All situations filed making use of the ar Reporting mechanism will it is in reviewed.

6. ~ above review, if more investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted.

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If you have any further questions, you re welcome look at our Community reporting System typically Asked Questions.