The floor Records division of the Fairfax Circuit Court is located on the third floor of the Fairfax county Courthouse in ~ 4110 Chain Bridge road in Suite 317. Call 703-691-7320 (press 3, then 3) (TTY 711).

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The land Records Division accepts files from building transactions in Fairfax County and the City the Fairfax. Transactions entailing property situated within the City of drops Church must be recorded with the Arlington ar Circuit Court. Real residential property transactions including property located in the City that Alexandria need to be tape-recorded with the Alexandria Circuit Court. All record types can be submitted over-the-counter, v the mail, and all land record documents, except multi-jurisdiction documents or those with highway plats, can be it is registered electronically via the Court"s digital Filing system (EFS).

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Recording Over-The-Counter

Customers submit over-the-counter land documents (separated right into batches of no an ext than 20 sets) because that recording indigenous 8 a.m. To 3 p.m. The recording heat closes promptly at 3 p.m. Records received before 3 p.m. Will proceed to it is in processed until 4 p.m. At which time any unrecorded part will be went back to the customer. Over-the-counter papers cannot be left overnight and also customers need to be present when their documents are being tape-recorded in case any kind of questions arise. All papers must encompass the Fairfax land Records" sheathe sheet.

The mailing address for the soil Records department is:

Fairfax Circuit Court4110 Chain leg RoadSuite 317Fairfax, VA 22030Attention: Land records Division

Certificate of Satisfaction for Trust/Mortgage

To relax a trust or mortgage native record, an original, notarized Certificate that Satisfaction signed by the lender or the settlement agent who has paid the obligation should be tape-recorded in the Land documents Division. All info on the kind must be perfect in full. Most lenders will certainly mail the Certificate the Satisfaction type directly to the Land records Division; however, some will certainly mail the form to the borrowers v instructions on how to record the document. The is then the borrower"s obligation to for sure the paper is recorded.

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A return address or box number must be inserted in the margin that the first page the the Certificate that Satisfaction and also a tax map number. The taxes map number deserve to be obtained from a current tax assessment an alert or friend can contact the Fairfax County department of Tax management at 703-222-8234 or visit your website or Fairfax City at 703-385-7840. Please administer a self-addressed, stamped envelope of enough size for return the the tape-recorded document(s). Papers will be returned to the attend to or crate provided.