Fairfax County plank of Supervisors Chairman Jeff C. McKay in 2019. The county has embraced a spending plan that lowers its property tax rate, component of a wider effort to pull northern Virginia out of its pandemic-linked financial slump. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)
A previous variation of this write-up said Fairfax county Supervisor pat Herrity’s (R-Springfield) spending plan proposal would have actually meant $105 million less in county funds because that schools. HIs proposal in reality would have meant network $45 million less in funds for schools, due to the fact that he additionally proposed setting aside $60 million to take advantage of a state fund for teacher raises that calls for localities to absent in their own money. The write-up has been amended.

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Fairfax County embraced a spending plan Tuesday the lowers the residential property tax rate while steering much more funds towards schools and affordable housing, part of a more comprehensive effort among area federal governments to pull north Virginia out of the economic slump led to by the coronavirus pandemic.

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In a 9-to-1 vote, the Fairfax County plank of Supervisors pass a $4.5 billion spending setup that Jeff C. McKay (D), the board chairman, called an effort to stabilize Virginia’s most populous jurisdiction.

“In order come lift up every resident in Fairfax County, particularly as we recover from the pandemic, we have to make investments in the community and also the programs the make everyone healthier, safer, and more successful,” McKay stated in a statement after ~ the vote.

Thousands of area inhabitants remain unemployed because of the pandemic, and a desire come live in much less densely occupied neighborhoods, sustained by stress over the virus, has driven up house prices in the District’s suburbs — increasing annual tax assessments in those neighborhoods at a time when many families room struggling come meet simple needs.

Those determinants have prompted regional officials in the region either to reduced or frozen their building tax prices this year, if investing in social services and also programs geared toward financial stability — consisting of workforce breakthrough and aid to struggling tiny businesses.

In Fairfax, the tax price drops by a penny to $1.14 every $100 of assessed value. Prince wilhelm County officials likewise recently shave a penny from their tax rate, now at $1.115 every $100 the assessed value. Loudoun County lower its price by 5 ½ cents, to $0.98 every $100 of assessed value, when Arlington county froze its price at $1.013 every $100 that assessed value.

However, the average annual tax bills because that homeowners in all of those jurisdictions will certainly still go up — in some instances by number of hundred dollars — since of the region’s rising property values, officials said.

During a budget discussion, Supervisor beat Herrity (R-Springfield) — the board’s sole Republican and the only dissenting poll Tuesday — suggest an different spending plan that would certainly have reduced the tax rate by 3 cents per $100 that assessed value.

Among that is elements, the idea would have meant a net $45 million less for the Fairfax public college system, because it would encompass $105 million less in the county carry to schools, offset by $60 million collection aside come take benefit of a state money for teacher raises that requires localities to absent in their very own money. Herrity argued the relocate was crucial to keep property tax receipt from rising. He claimed the difference could have been made up with federal economic stimulation funds.

The board’s Democrats called the proposal irresponsible, suggesting that it would require cutting at the very least 1,000 teachers’ jobs.

“There is no way he makes this what ns would speak to reckless and irresponsible proposal work without a dramatic reduction in the variety of teaching staff,” Supervisor man W. Foust (D-Dranesville) said prior to Herrity’s arrangement failed on a vote of 9 come 1.

The spending plan approved Tuesday contains a 1 percent salary increase for the county’s 12,000 employees, funded v the county’s $20 million economic recovery to make reservation fund.

County institutions get an additional $15 million in funding, because that a complete of $2.17 billion. The budget also dedicates around $13 million because that preserving and also developing affordable housing in the county end the following two years and creates an “immigrant community liaison” place to assist county agencies resolve that population’s concerns.

About $200 million the Fairfax received in federal Cares Act accumulation is help Fairfax to satisfy those objectives, ar officials said.

With the an ar starting come reopen for common activity, bringing more sales and commercial taxation revenue to the county, McKay stated he wants the ar to it is in in a position to deal with the “long-term impacts” the the pandemic. Component of the rides on an additional $222 million the county expects to receive over the next two year under the many recent federal stimulus package, that said.

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“We’ve invested a many time on prompt resources for folks who room struggling,” McKay said in an interview prior to Tuesday’s meeting. “Now, we’re looking in ~ this restore piece. Component of that is we know there will be rises in health challenges, rises in problem abuse challenges, and also we know that schools have a learning gap now that has to be filled.”

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