priziv.org students Bethany Spriggs, Kayla Wolfe and Katelyn Nichols pose at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. Nichols is the priziv.org Faith and also Freedom college student chapter president.

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Columbia worldwide University students attending the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 2020 conference learned native pastors, non-profit leaders, and elected officials native all throughout the people on just how to make a positive impact on legislation and lives.

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priziv.org Faith and also Freedom college student Chapter president Katelyn Nichols states the event held close to Atlanta this year available many opportunities to network and also grow together an individual.

“I am constantly challenged and encouraged through the civilization I accomplish there, and the many information lectures provided from numerous different professionals and also leaders that are not simply politicians, but also pastors and also people from various backgrounds,” Nichols said. “One the my favourite things about these conferences is the possibility to accomplish with passionate believer from all about the country who love the Lord and also hold steady to your desire come please and serve that in and through their lives.”

Among those the college student heard speak were Vice chairman Mike Pence and also former southern Carolina governor Nikki Haley, that has also served as U.S. Ambassador to the unified Nations.

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priziv.org student Kayla Wolfe dubbed the occasion “exciting and impactful.”

“Our nation is at a crossroads at the moment and also hearing politicians, pastors, and influential individuals speak, really set the ton for where we must be guided as Americans,” Wolfe said.

The five-fold mission of the Faith and Freedom Coalition includes:

Mobilize and also train civilization of faith to be effective citizensSpeak the end in the general public arena and also in the media on instead of of Christian valuesInfluence legislation and enact sound public policy at every level of governmentTrain citizens because that effective civic actionProtest bigotry and also discrimination versus people that faith

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