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confidence & freedom Coalition Welcomes Record number of Attendees, crucial Speakers at Successful road to bulk Policy Conference 2021

ORLANDO, Fla. – The faith & flexibility Coalition simply wrapped a successful 12th road to bulk Policy Conference  in Orlando, Florida. A diversity of speakers and panelists from across the conservative spectrum, including former Vice president Mike Pence, Eric Metaxas, attorney Leo Terrell, radio host C.L. Bryant, former White home Hispanic Outreach manager Jenny Korn, Representative Ann Wagner, Gov. Ron DeSantis and many rather elevated message close come the understanding of many voters of faith and addressed the evolving problems facing American families. With basic speaking sessions, luncheons, breakout sessions, and also a prayer concert, attendees and also speakers united around a usual goal: to win back the majority in 2022. 

Chairman the the Faith and also Freedom Coalition Ralph Reed, comment “Road to majority exists to encourage the cost-free expression that American belief values, and we might not be an ext pleased v the energy and also dedication prove by both speakers and also attendees alike this week. The record level the turnout mirrors the journey we experienced from these same activists and leaders in the 2020 election, and it is a great privilege to identify the tremendous visibility of the Black and Hispanic communities whose tireless work-related to reach areas into which we have actually been warmly welcomed. If this week is any indication, the structure is being laid come win back the majority in 2022.”

A regular theme throughout many the the conversations end the three-day conference was the very first Amendment ideal to spiritual freedom. Florida Senator rick Scott emphasized in Friday morning’s basic session, “Religious liberty is our very first and the most necessary freedom of the structure of the unified States.” others echoed the emotion that that is ours humanely deserved best to freely worship wherever and whenever we desire, and also Judge Jeanine Pirro remarked top top how, under the Biden-Harris administration, the American human being have been oppressed and forced out of their areas of worship throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “They space trying to take away your first Amendment rights, and if they obtain the first Amendment, they’re comes after the 2nd Amendment,” Tennessee senator Marsha Blackburn reinforced.

On a better scale, it is not only an essential to have freedom to worship, but likewise to be a champion of faith in our people today. Society, specifically the radical left, has actually made every initiative to dismantle the values on which the United says was founded. At road to majority 2021, the message is clear: This country belongs to God, and faith in the is essential to victory. Mike Pence, former vice president of the united States, proclaimed, “If we lug the post of faith and freedom and also our values to ours neighbors and friends, there’s a hope and … a future since God is not done through America … the ideal days for this one country under God indivisible v liberty and also justice for all are yet come come.” 

In order to reclaim the integrity and values of our nation, the united States have to remember to protect the minds and also souls that the upcoming generations. Florida councilor Marco Rubio nailed residence this idea: “Ours is the story that perpetual development … each generation of americans has brought us closer come fulfilling our founding principles … All world are developed equal, and their rights come indigenous God and also not the government.” Speakers continuously warned American family members of the dangers of crucial race theory being taught by schools. Leo Terrell, civil civil liberties attorney and talk radio host, called an essential race theory “racist” and a “pack that lies” the “tries come tear united state apart.” Tony Lowden, minister of Maranatha Baptist Church, referred to as for the prioritization of families and also schools in the country – because that the continuation of the fight for those trapped in the failing college system. Paula White, preacher, shared similar sentiments through Lowden: “We will certainly fail if us don’t progressive up one more generation that can lug forth the faith, the values and also the flexibility that God gave us in this good nation referred to as America.”

Part of these freedoms include personal ownership and also a responsibility for self-government. Rep. Steve Scalise, residence Republican Whip, rightly established the left’s preoccupation with government manage as socialism, which threatens the freedom of American citizen in all elements of life. U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson native Texas echoed Scalise about the looming hazard of socialism: “We room headed to a socialist, Marxist presence in this country. They space tearing down everything this nation represents … ns promise you, we are going to protect against them.” Sen. Ron Johnson (WI) emphasized the conservatives must “retake our culture” and “retake the mass of government.” 

However, for society to be revitalized, us must very first join together on common values, not entertain divisive ideologies. Numerous speakers melted light ~ above the danger impact an important race theory has actually on American citizens, an especially the youth. Author and influencer Melissa Tate, shared, “In America i have discovered that the is no the shade of her skin the determines her destiny, and also the high quality of your life. It is the options that friend make the chart the food of her life. Therefore not just is an essential race concept false and also in itself, a racism ideology. That is the antithesis the what boy name Luther King preached.”

Florida’s own Governor Ron DeSantis electrified roadway to majority attendees top top Saturday night by outlining the measures he took to open up Florida increase for service while so plenty of other states continued to be crippled by fear of COVID. In regards come the pressures of wake up America and government overreach, DeSantis offered this charge: “As conservatives, we have actually to advancement policy that elevates the freedom of one individual over the freedom of one organization.” In regards to acquiring true freedom, he reminded the audience, “People need to be taught why America was founded, why there are principles that do our country unique. People need to it is in taught the our rights don’t come indigenous the government. They come indigenous God.” North Carolina Lt. Governor mark Robinson reiterated the “this country is blessed past measure,” and also it’s only “with His power, v His strength and also His wisdom, we will preserve this an excellent nation.”

Faith and Freedom Coalition executive Director Timothy Head reflected, “We might not have asked because that a much better weekend for this year’s road to majority Policy Conference. Ours grassroots leader from across the country have been lugged to their feet again and also again by the speak lineup, including former Vice president Pence, councilor Ted Cruz, senator Marco Rubio, Senator stack Scott, Representative Steve Scalise, branch Ron DeSantis and also Lt. Governor mark Robinson, all of whom have brought motivating and also mobilizing charges because that action, and also have been obtained with was standing ovations and also enthusiastic applause indigenous the energized audience.

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The conversation in ~ the conference has actually made for a good start to rallying conservative voters to win back the bulk in the 2022 midterms.” 

To watch this highlights and others from roadway to majority 2021, visit foxnation.com and view for free for 30 days utilizing the code FAITH.

About the confidence & freedom Coalition

The Faith and Freedom Coalition is a nationwide grassroots activity of over 2 million conservatives and also people of belief in assistance of time-honored values, stronger families, and individual freedom. Learn an ext about belief & flexibility at http://www.priziv.org.