Faith Hill and Tim McGraw"s marriage, which has actually lasted for over 20 years, has music lover swooning. The lengthy reigning king and also queen of nation have constructed a life they love centered around family, home, and, yes, good-old fashioned crooning tunes (via Insider).

They have actually toured together, collaborated ~ above albums together, and also stuck by each other"s sides v thick and thin. In fact, McGraw credits their marital relationship as being the "gasoline" that pushed their careers to the next level of supervisor stardom (via People). And also while they have actually had an individual ups and also downs, their shared love for each other remains obvious in every romantic gaze, love lyric, and also intense and also sexy public screen of affection (of which there room many). 

What"s more, their humble appreciation for each various other is beyond refreshing in an market that often makes people jaded: "It"s together a rare thing to have the ability to experience what we carry out for a living, and also to execute it together really feels prefer all the moments space special," McGraw as soon as told People. Desire to know what else makes Tim McGraw and Faith Hill such a dynamic duo? Here"s just how they harmonize in life.

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill it seems ~ to have marriage figured out. But, years prior to meeting she crooner soul mate, a young and naive Hill was married to her an initial husband, Daniel Hill. 

According come the songstress, there was no earth-shattering event that drove castle apart; nevertheless, they divorced. She spoke candidly around the experience to Good Housekeeping, saying, "I to be going with so much. I was favor a flower trying come bud." Hill continued, "Marriage wasn"t what I needed <...> What I necessary was to address the concerns of my very own life."

A couple of years later, in 1994, Hill and McGraw met in ~ Nashville"s nation Radio Seminar. Hill was arising from finalizing her divorce, and also McGraw remained in a partnership with Kristine Donahue, per Insider. So, naturally, this early stage encounter to be purely platonic. Still, Hill may have actually left quite an impression on she future hubby. In 2018, McGraw post a photo to Instagram in respect of his wife"s birthday, captioning it, "From the very first time us met, i knew (she didn"t!) that she to be the love of my life forever."

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Faith Hill and also Tim McGraw space proof that work and also romance can go hand-in-hand.

In 1996, Hill, that was newly engaged to music producer Scott Hendrickson, joined McGraw top top his "Spontaneous Combustion" tour as his opener (via Insider). Despite being in a committed partnership that was headed under the aisle, she might not assist but feeling an extreme attraction to McGraw, and she make no apologies for choosing to seek passion and also true love. Speak to People in 1998, Hill said, "If who is walk to referee my character because I was engaged to somebody and then ns left that for somebody else, , "Oh, okay, currently she"s a slut and also a bad person" — i can"t manage that." included Hill, "But ns wasn"t around to allow Tim slip v my hands."

More than two decades later, McGraw and also Hill continue to be some of country music"s many beloved stars — and also total couple goals. Ever because teaming up on that first tour, the country crooners have continued to do beautiful music together. Hey, once you know, you understand — and also Hill definitely knew when it pertained to her future hubby.

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Faith Hill and Tim McGraw could have a long-lasting, successful marriage; however, your wedded union didn"t come after years of seriously date one another. Instead, the two proficient a whirlwind romance while on tour together, and were involved within simply a couple of months!

According to Brides, McGraw called the story of exactly how he proposed to Hill during a concert on your anniversary day in Colorado: "We were in the dressing room ... And also it to be raining and also stuff and also we"d to be on tour for a when together, and also I joked about with her about getting married." McGraw continued, saying, "I looked at her, got her through the hand, and dropped down." included McGraw, "She said, "We"re at a nation music festival in a trailer house, and also you"re questioning me come marry you?"" 

Apparently, Hill mulled it end while McGraw performed, and also he had actually his answer wait for him when he acquired off stage. According to McGraw, Hill left a post on his mirror that read, "Yes! I"m gonna be your wife," in big, Sharpie letter — along with some lover lipstick kisses. Talk about a unique proposal story!

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Both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have overcome challenges and emerged stronger.

Hill was adopted as a baby, and component of her constantly wanted come know and meet she birthparents. The country superstar said Good Housekeeping, "I was adopted into this significant home, a loving, hopeful environment, yet I had actually this yearning, this type of darkness the was likewise inside me." Fortunately, Hill to be able to lastly meet her birth mommy as one adult. "I just stared at her," Hill revealed to Good Housekeeping. She continued, saying, "I"d never ever seen anyone that looked anything favor me." added Hill, "It was the awe of see someone you come from. It filling something."

McGraw was unaware, until the age of 11, the he was the son of baseball icon Tug McGraw (via Good Housekeeping). "Nobody"s childhood is the same and also we had actually some complicated times together a kid and certainly father figures were something that wasn"t the ideal in my life," he claimed in 2006, top top Larry King Live. McGraw didn"t have a connection with his biological father until later in life, however he credits his stepfather because that being a strong figure. 

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Tim McGraw and also Faith Hill"s engagement was fast and furious, so it is fitting that their wedding complied with suit. 

The two country music superstars pulled turn off an epic surprised wedding. According to Brides, the soon-to-be-wed couple told friends and also loved ones the they to be hosting a softball game and concert in Rayville, Louisiana — i beg your pardon is McGraw"s house town. However, once guests came down on the scene, they found themselves walking into an intimate, surprise nuptials ceremony. Together for Hill and also McGraw, they were standing under one oak tree v a minister, simply waiting for their guests to come so they can finally become husband and wife.

Per the magazine, Hill, who was 3 months pregnant at her wedding come McGraw, wore a slip-style white wedding gown. The nation songstress stayed barefoot, but accessorized the minimalistic look with an understated pearl necklace and gloves. McGraw dressed under for the event in jeans and also a black color coat. Considering the nation couple"s enviable red carpet format at the ACMs, their chic wedding outfits should come together no surprise. These two know how to dress for one occasion!

Faith Hill isn"t the just woman in Tim McGraw"s life. In fact, the nation crooner is surrounding by beautiful women, together he shares three lovely daughters through his wife. 

Still, even though his infant girls may be every grown up now, McGraw remembers the beforehand moments the their resides with clarity and also a hints of romanticized nostalgia. The "My small Girl" singer reflect on life together a dad during an interview through Sunday Today, gushing, "The fathers the end there can appreciate the an initial time that you organize your son is absolutely the minute that friend realize the anything else the you do has actually meant nothing till this moment."

These days, the McGraw-Hill family still enjoys their precious time together. In one interview v E! News, McGraw talked about hunkering down at house with his daughters and also wife throughout the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. "I mean, the was more than likely one the the most special times we"ve had actually as a family members in a long, long time," that said. Included McGraw, "And despite all the craziness walk on in the world, we had a great four weeks together."

By every appearances, faith Hill and Tim McGraw have actually a fairytale marriage. However, they"ll be the first to admit it"s no all romance and also rainbows — and also they have to work to make sure their marriage doesn"t fail.

Speaking with Glamour, Hill revealed, "We got married to stay married." She continued, saying, "If girlfriend didn"t desire to go the same path or believe the same things, it might be difficult, but if you have the same purposes you can acquire through bumpy moments." added the country superstar, "It"s remarkable to have actually someone walk alongside you together you grow and change; it would be quite to watch that means instead that it being a significant challenge."

On the Bobby Jones Show, Hill admitted that she knows how to push her husband"s buttons — and also even periodically enjoys doing it! And, together McGraw admitted come Entertainment Tonight, his messy tendencies gain his mam riled up. "I invested 30 years in hotel rooms walk in and also out, so I"ve never even thought around cleaning up, yet she"s a neat freak," the revealed.

Tim McGraw and also Faith Hill both have incredible powerhouse voices. And also while they could each certainly have their choose of to sing partners, they like to duet with each other. 

In fact, during an interview top top Larry King Live, McGraw revealed that the is in reality unable come harmonize with any singer who is not his wife. Furthermore, he told Today stated Hill pushes the harder and gets the best out the him. "I"ve uncovered that the times the I"ve spent working through Faith, specifically touring with Faith, that my records gained sort of exponentially better," McGraw said. That continued, "When it concerns singing v Faith, it"s favor a NASCAR make the efforts to keep up through an Indy car. Then I acquire that watch from she sometimes during the middle of the show with her. Friend know, "You"re faltering a bit, son."" included McGraw, "The suggest is, she provides me better." 

Hill agrees the their voices simply blend perfectly: "Yes. It"s constantly been magic from the an initial time that we performed with each other on stage, which to be spontaneous combustion," she stated on Larry King Live.

Faith Hill and also Tim McGraw space two nation stars with intense, palatable chemistry. And also if friend have ever watched them with each other on stage — even if it is on tv or in-person — you understand this to it is in a fact. So, when McGraw collaborated v fragrancy firm COTY on the start of a new cologne in 2008, the just had to make certain his mam approved. "She sat there with me with every sample us had," McGraw revealed in one interview through People. Phone call his mam "the hottest woman in the world," that continued, "I want her to like it." included the country singer, "And she likes that on me."

Olfactory attraction aside, the physics connection in between the two continues to be strong. In 2013, McGraw said ABC News the he loves his wife"s body, saying, "She"s got an excellent legs, that"s because that sure!" Furthermore, lock still room amazed and also smitten seeing each various other on stage. "I watch him perform and still to now I"m awed by it," Hill told People

She likes the means he smells, he likes the means she looks; the sounds prefer they both occupational to keep the flame alive and well!

Faith Hill and also Tim McGraw are just about always ~ above the verge that marital catastrophe — in ~ least, follow to the tabloids. However, regardless of being the perpetual target that unflattering reports, the pair tries come shrug off the negativity and also simply live your lives.

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In 1998, Hill said People the she"s heard every sorts of made-up stories around her life and marriage. "I"ve had an affair v my makeup artist, a female; an affair with my hairstylist; my marriage is ~ above the rocks; Maggie is no Tim"s child," Hill said, listing rumors. She continued, saying, "I don"t need approval. I have actually too much going on."

Fifteen year later, she relayed a comparable sentiment to the exact same magazine as soon as the rumor mill was when again churning. " seem to be running choose crazy right now for part reason," Hill said. She continued, "I don"t know why "happy" can"t it is in a story." McGraw echoed the emotion in the exact same article, saying, "The just time we ever think around it is worry about the kids. Yet they"ve been around it, too, so they laugh it off."

Tim McGraw and also Faith Hill are nation music's reigning couple, yet still shot to lead continual lives the end of the spotlight

Faith Hill and also Tim McGraw execute not think the themselves together a "celebrity couple," follow to an interview Hill provided to Glamour. "We"ve tried to develop our life and home with each other so that we don"t placed ourselves in places that enable that type of attention," the nation star described to the publication.

As a matter of fact, in 2006, Hill stated on Larry King Live that she prefers to remain at home and live a consistent life as a doting wife and mom. "I"m as well busy remaining in the hook-up line," Hill said. She continued, saying, "I"m much more comfortable in the hook-up line and also talking to parental about, ns don"t know, whatever we talk about."

In 2020, McGraw called Entertainment Tonight that they invest "90 percent" of your time together, saying, "We don"t get out much and we always cook in ~ home. We don"t eat the end much." that continued, saying, "We"re always around the house, so we spend a many time with each other anyway." included the singer, "We enjoy just cuddling up and watching movie TV series."

Tim McGraw and also Faith Hill seem together close to perfect together one couple could possibly acquire — yet these 2 have certainly had their ups and also downs. 

As reported by People, in McGraw"s book, Grit and also Grace, the country star wrote around an ultimatum his wife offered him once she thought he was drinking also much. "Getting real like only she can do, confidence told me, "Partying or family, take her pick,"" McGraw wrote. Follow to People, the nation singer admitted in the memoir the his household was the incentive behind a significant health push. That ditched booze altogether and also started taking treatment of his body, the town hall his diet, and also adopting a major exercise routine. 

In a different post from People, McGraw praised Faith, saying the without her he would "be dead." He elaborated, "I would have partied too hard. Belief saved mine life in a many of means — indigenous myself an ext than anything." McGraw continued, "I have the right to go down a dark road sometimes, once you"re not feeling great about yourself, and she pulls me out." added the "Just to check out You Smile" singer, "My wife makes me a far better man."

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw aren"t shy once it comes to showing your love — and also attraction — because that one another!

Whether they space on tourism performing with each other or captured on camera through the paparazzi, McGraw and Hill always seem to be in the litter of a hot, heavy, and passionate public display of affection. As detailed by the Taste of Country, the cute nation crooners have been spotted smooching on phase multiple times. In fact, in a moment that walk viral throughout the 2014 CMA Music Festival, Hill wrapped her leg approximately her hubby together he gently and also playfully got hold of her butt cheek. 

Furthermore, follow to Taste the Country, every time they perform "I need You" — your hit duet — lock sit close through their legs intertwined and also stare intently into each other"s eyes. And, as anyone that has ever watched their "Let"s make Love" music video can attest, there"s no denying their sizzling chemistry. These 2 may have acting chops in addition to musical talent — yet there"s no acting crucial when it comes to appearing head-over-heels in love through each other.