Faith Hill recently announced that she will no much longer lend her talents to NBC"s Sunday Night Football anthem.

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A country mourns. 

The nation singer sounded off on her decision via Twitter. 


Amazing 2 have been part of SNF - one honor. I've just let everyone there understand it's time 2 let someone else rock the open.

As Cindy Boren of the Washington Post reports, Hill has actually been featured in ~ the begin of the Sunday night broadcast for six years now. One of the critical vestiges of she rousing performances deserve to be checked out below. 

The report also notes that Fred Gaudelli, executive producer that the NBC broadcast, tweeted a present of appreciation to Hill but made no mention of who will take she spot at the begin of the show.

Thankfully, we have actually some think on that that can be.

Hill has actually the look and voice the resonates with fans. She replacement will have to be a well-liked performer that deserve to open the broadcast v the perfect mix of power and pizzazz.

The last point you want is a polarizing figure who will certainly have fifty percent the viewers in ~ home groaning when the or she shows up on screen.


Sounds like straightforward endeavor, NBC—let"s try not to blow it.

Carrie Underwood

If over there is any bit of agreement at the moment, it would be because that Carrie Underwood to step in and also strut her stuff top top Sunday night.

The previous American Idol winner has obtained quite the poll of confidence on Twitter, with fans expressing their assistance for the budding nation star to open Sunday Night Football"s proceedings.


Faith Hill isn't act the Sunday Night football theme song anymore!? If Carrie Underwood doesn't gain this gig, there will certainly be consequences.


Faith Hill not on Sunday Night Football way only one thing... They require to lug in Carrie Underwood to replace her.


This is really the most evident solution. She Super bowl halftime performance was widely considered a success, regardless of all friend Twitter nitpickers the end there.

She has the look and also voice the national stage demands. If there is any type of star the end there who can actually make this her own without worrying about being overshadowed by Hill, it would certainly be Beyonce.

Pink/Cee Lo Green

From the land of the entirely feasible and fully unfortunate, Kissing Suzy Kolber mentions 2 performers us really have to offer as plausible replacements.

Cee Lo green sings (screams?) the intro to Thursday Night Football, i m sorry cues fans to fight the mute switch or take it a bathroom break prior to the game starts. 

Don"t forget the Pink performed the early Sunday Night Football anthem prior to making means for faith Hill. Would NBC dare go back to the pop singer? i hope not.

Both performers have experience opened the huge game, so they need to be thought about as feasible solutions come NBC"s dilemma. However, they would certainly be met v a resounding "No" native the football-loving population.

The Voice Cast

Cross-promotion much? The network an extremely well might look to one of its hit mirrors for singing talent.

Whether the would average a past judge like Christina Aguilera or a current judge prefer Shakira, nothing is out of the realm of possibility.


These room our best guesses as to who NBC choose to start the present on Sunday nights. Indigenous the lesser-known come the world famous, there space plenty of singers that can replace Hill.

Did I miss out on anyone? Leave her thoughts and suggestions in the comments ar below.

Hit me up on Twitter for much more pop in her culture.

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