A Washington mrs tried to use the counterfeit bills to acquisition a $5,000 pre-paid Visa card, police say. 


It may not always be basic to spot fake currency, however in this case, the shining pink Chinese composing was a dead giveaway.

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The Des Moines police confiscated many fake $100 bills after a woman allegedly make the efforts to usage the cash to buy a $5,000 prepaid visa map at a Safeway store in Washington, according to KOMO.

She accused attempted to acquisition the card through $4,900 worth of cheat bills, but the store spotted that the money to be fake and called police.

Des Moines police later posted a snapshot of the receipt on Twitter saying not just do American receipt have much more than one serial number, they also don"t have actually Chinese personalities or pink writing.

"Although the counterfeit currency is of same quality, there room markings top top the receipt making one establish the funds space not legit," Sgt. Dave Mohr called KOMO.

Police take it the money after the effort to usage it, but have not claimed whether the woman involved was arrested.

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"The case will require additional investigation," Mohr called the station.

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