Woman reveals how she dropped in love through a sinner after involvement a pen pal service: 'We're absolutely twin flames'By Bianca Farmakis| 3 months ago

The love story in between a UK woman and a prisoner she started writing to throughout lockdown has actually stunned social media — and now, she wants to move throughout the globe for him.

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TikTok user Naomi, 27, revealed the prisoner pen pal service had brought about a full-blown fairytale after she fell in love v an inmate in a Michigan penitentiary.

The pair began speaking come each other through the prison inmate service in June 2020. (Instagram)

Sharing the story in a series of videos, Naomi described she signed up because that the service, which bag inmates with ar members come exchange letter with during their time behind bars, in June 2020, ~ her researches were cut short due to the pandemic.

Wise to be paired v Victor Oquendo, 31, that was 11 years right into his 24-year sentence for dual homicide.

Within a year of correspondence, the pair dropped in love and got married, prompting Naomi to share updates around their connection online.

"Things escalated really quick," Naomi shared in one video.

"We to be saying that we loved each other after a week, we definitely believe we are spirit mates and also that we have spent many lifetimes together due to the fact that the bond we have is indescribable," she added.

"We're absolutely twin flames."

Naomi said her fiancé had actually been "abused by numerous foster families" and "spent the bulk of his childhood resting on park benches or in exit houses."

"He to be a son that confronted adversity in life and also didn't have actually the social capital and also social network resources to absorb the trauma or get rid of it," she continued.

Victor was forced to come to be a medicine dealer at age seven, she added, and was exposed to a "variety that factors" that increased his likelihood that criminal activity.

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"At the age of 18 years old, he to be making an exchange when the other party of five grown males open fire at him. That shot back, bring about a twin homicide and illegal guns charge," she said.

"He was afraid and also scared for this reason took sanctuary in who else's home. When uncovered in someone's home, it led to a residence invasion charge added to his sentence."

In her series of videos, Naomi consisted of screenshots of your messages, she love letters, and clips of their phone calls, as her fiancé continues to offer out his sentence.

Naomi revealed the "gifts" Victor sends out her native prison, including intricate, life-like sketches that the pair, bouquets the flowers and photos indigenous his life.

In one video, she common the pink jewel-studded engagement ring and bedazzled pink cross necklace he gifted her.

Naomi claims her fiancé suggest a complete of four times. (TikTok)

The pair got engaged after Victor proposed for the fourth time.

"I preserved saying no because we haven't also known each various other for a year," Naomi explained.

"Then ~ above the fourth time he sent flowers to my house with a ring and also a card the said, 'I'm not asking this time, you space marrying me'."

Naomi has since begun petition to grant her partner clemency, a federal government decision to allow a person to it is in relieved of some or every one of the legal consequences resulting indigenous a criminal conviction.

"I think Victor must be granted clemency, not only due to the fact that his situation was unjust however he's additionally a 30-year-old male now who has actually learnt from his mistakes and also wants to be offered a second chance at life," she said.

"I think that he has actually done his time and paid his debt ago to society and should be given a 2nd chance. He is a completely changed man, he is 30 year old now, he's no an 18-year-old boy who is in a gang, he really wants a second chance at life and to give ago to society."

Currently the state of Michigan does not provide "good behaviour" bonds for prisoners, however the matter will it is in voted for in 2022.

If successful, Naomi's companion will be exit from jail in 2027.

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"If the an excellent behaviour plot does not gain approved year after year it's vote for, we have other methods we're going come go down which will certainly probably reduce his sentence under to 2027. But with every one of that being said, his complete sentence is 2034," she said.

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