The Talon company camp close to Megaton deserve to be an overwhelming to find, if friend don’t recognize where to look (left). Don’t let the Party hat fool you, Gallo is not a familiar Ghouls (right).

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1) Talon firm Camp

Book - Tumblers Today

South-west from Megaton is a Talon company Camp. It’s not immediately noticable so it’s place will be explained in information to prevent any hair-pulling and controller/keyboard throwing. The structure is south-west across the road from the sewer Waystation. If you proceed south under this road far sufficient you’ll discover a leg running end the road, which leader to Greyditch. The structure with the Talon firm Camp is prior to this bridge, it’s the building with sandbags in prior of the stairway leading as much as a door. Inside are a trio of Talon firm Mercenaries. Do them dogfood and also loot the place. In the southern eastern room (the room through the chemistry equipement) you’ll discover a copy of Tumblers Today ~ above a metal shelf.

2) sewer Waystation

Now take trip to the sewer Waystation, among the very first areas we uncovered outside the the Vault. It’s just north-west the Greyditch. Let’s finally discover it, currently that we have actually an excuse to come back…. Particularly now the we’re not fairly so weak. In the first room you’ll discover a skeleton in a fridge, and next come it will certainly be a Nuka-Cola Quantum. In the room to the eastern you will find some assembly lines with Teddy bears on them. Teddy bear in a drain Waystation? Whatever. Up part stairs you’ll discover a manhole leading to the County drain Mainline.

3) A story of 2 Tunnels

Head south, south-east under a tunnel to uncover a Ghoul munching ~ above a dead Mercenary. Shortly past this you’ll uncover two routes leading west; one goes increase a slope. While the other is level (the path eastern is a dead-end). The straight path will ultimately lead the end to an area close to the Citadel, and also it is a perfect acceptable alternative route top top the Rivet City run… which us don’t have to worry about any more, the course, for this reason uphill the is.

4) Gallo the Ghoul

Book - tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

Disarm a tripwire at the mouth the the uphill tunnel… yeah, it’s going to be one of those areas. When done, continue uphill, going west, south-west. Up at the optimal you’ll uncover a bear trap, and above it is a grenade bouquet. Revolve north and deactivate the push plate top top the four-way bridge. To the north is a locked door behind i m sorry is a storeroom complete of loot. In enhancement to the evident items there’s a Stealth boy on among the shelves, hidden under a wood crate. Once you’re excellent looting head through one of the doors come the west, whereby you’ll uncover a fairly clean abode comprise one enemy Ghoul named Gallo. Kill and loot him because that a copy the Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor … one of the couple of books found on one enemy. It’s a shame he won’t respawn choose the Raider increase by Bethesda will. Top top the metal shelf by his bed you’ll uncover two Pre-War Books, and in a footlocker you have the right to nab Gallo’s storage Key. You’ll also find a terminal i m sorry unlocks a for sure . In the for sure is a Nuka-Cola Quantum. Now return ago to the tunnel split, it’s time to check out the level path.

5) The top Sewers

Book - big Book that Science

Head come the west and kill part ghouls munching ~ above a dead Wastelander. Grab the ammo and also Frag Grenade ~ above the floor and continue on until you pertained to a door which will cause a room break-up by a fenced-off area. Head around the southern side to uncover your way to the other fifty percent of the room. Unlock the door bring about the computer system in the center and also grab a Big book of Science and also two Pre-War books on the table. Activate the “Sewer Management access Computer” and also open the warehouse door, i m sorry will open the door come the south-west. The room has some ammo and drugs inside. Now head back to the south and also go under some stairs, heading with this room and through one more door to the east. You’ll find a maintenence room through a little of loot in it. Head back to the stairway you came down and also go east to find much more stairs down. Go v the door come the south, and head down a tunnel come the west. You can discover the bottom floor, yet there’s not much down there various other than Ghouls and also Radroaches.

6) The lower Sewers

Go v a huge metal door (you have the right to use an electrical switch to open and also close the door… but due to the fact that you deserve to just open up it manually, what’s the point?) follow the tunnel south, climate west as it turns. There’s a skeleton on the ground v a 10mm Pistol, some 10mm Rounds, and also a Stimpak nearby. Go past the irradiated water and also into a small store room, whereby you have the right to loot one ammo box, and also pick up a 10mm Pistol and some more 10mm Rounds. Monitor the tunnel south some more until it ends by intersecting another tunnel. Go v the door come the south and also search the east corner. You’ll find a terminal which will open up a floor safe . There are additionally some item by and also on some metal shelves. You deserve to either backtrack and also go down the unexplored tunnel east and south, or proceed down the stairs, either method you’ll end up close to an departure to the capital Wasteland, which will certainly take you phibìc of the Citadel.

Now… remember those Raiders us sneaked past throughout our Rivet City Run? The ones under the bridge close to the Citadel? Whatever, it’s time to go death them. Due to the fact that we can.

7) bridge Raiders Revenge

Remember this guys? we skulked previous them in ours Rivet City run, yet now we’re ready to attend to them. Sure, we’re substantially off course from Greyditch, yet when else space we walk to uncover even the many remote pardon to kill them? Under the leg you’ll discover their hideout, which includes alcohol, drugs, and a for sure . From below head phibìc west where you deserve to find an additional Flooded Metro. Uncover it, yet don’t explore it yet. It’s the shortest course to the Arlington Cemetary, i beg your pardon we’ll become an ext interested in reaching once we hit level 30 and wish to complete our Bobblehead collection. Walk west approximately a structure to uncover Grayditch.


Grayditch is crawling v Fire Ants, and do they mean Fire Ants! This pursuit isn’t horrible hard, yet in the early going you have to spend a good bit that ammo killing these ants, which we really didn’t have to lose. Also, due to their fire-breathing, getting close come them in melee wasn’t really an option. You’ll probably be approached by an stroked nerves kid named Bryan Wilks, whose must harrass you through his stupid pursuit at the begining that the game and also his awful voice-acting provides him one of the many annoying NPCs in the game. The truth that girlfriend can’t death him only makes matters worse.

9) placing Out the Fires

Anyways, currently is the moment to speak to him: succeed at two Speech check to get him to cough up the Greyditch Dumpster Key. Go discover the diner and also head around ago to uncover a locked rubbish bin, i m sorry this key opens. Within is a .32 Pistol, some .32 Caliber Rounds, twelve Frag Grenades, and also some Rad-X. Search approximately Greyditch, exterminating Fire Ants as you go. There’s the Wilks’ House, Brandice’s House, and two Abandoned dwellings to search. There’s additionally a “Recently built Shack” west the the Wilks House. Prior to we mess about with the quest, however, let’s explore a few more brief areas about Grayditch.

10) Ghoul Wastelander Outpost

From the diner follow the roadway to the southern through-and out of-Grayditch. Walk up a ramp and also when the road ends turn west to uncover an “Outpost”. Inside room a trio of Ghoul Wastelanders, who have apparently caught a supervisor Mutant Brute, who will escape and also kill them, eventually. Death all the hostiles in the outpost and loot around. There are some ammo crate (one of i beg your pardon is locked ), a Mini Nuke on a steel shelf, a Nuka-Cola Quantum in a wood crate, and also a rigged computer. There’s additionally a cabinet , i beg your pardon there’s absolutely no point in opening.

11) Gas, Ghouls and Traps

South the the station is a sewer, i m sorry is filled through gas, Ghouls, and also traps. Head up the tunnel to the north, wherein a well-placed grenade can collection off the gas, create the grenade bouquets, and injure or kill the Ghouls. Follow me the east tunnel you’ll uncover a dead Wastelander close to some grenade crate (one of which is locked, ) and also at the much northern end of the tunnels you’ll find one more dead Wastelander close to an ammo box, a first aid box, and a gun situation . Together you close to the northern finish of the sewers, an ext Ghouls will respawn near the entrance, forcing you come fight your means back out. Once you’re out, go back to Grayditch and also enter the Wilks’ House.

12) Wilks’ House

In the Wilks home you’ll find the body of Fred Wilks. He’s far better off dead through an stroked nerves kid like Bryan. Top top his human body you’ll uncover the Shed an essential and ~ above a shelf you’ll find a Chinese attack Rifle and some 5.56 ammo. Loot the house and also head throughout the street to the Brandice’s House.

13) Brandice’s House

Upstairs you’ll uncover W. Brandice’s terminal . You’ll uncover some info around the Brandice’s, as well as the place of a gun hidden behind the fridge, in a tool box. It’s a .32 Pistol, so don’t obtain too excited. He’ll aslo talk around Lesko, Navarro, and also some various other things from fallout 2. Go approximately the Pulowski conservation Shelter and also tell Bryan the negative news. Likewise ask him around the family’s around. He’ll talk more about Dr. Lesko, make his shack the next obvious place to go… because that the quest, anyways. Discover the 2 Abandoned residences next. Very first go come the one east of the Brandice’s House.

14) east Abandoned Home

Book - Guns and Bullets

There space some drugs about, and a 10mm Pistol ~ above the shelf in the living room. Also there’s a copy of Guns and also Bullets in a wood crate on the same shelf. In the cabinet upstairs you’ll find some alcohol, and in a wood crate near the bed you’ll uncover Pre-War Money and some Jet.

15) southerly Abandoned Home

Leave and also explore the home south of the Brandice’s House. You’ll find some Psycho ~ above a shelf, Tin can be ~ scattered about, and also a Chinese Pistol in a room upstairs. Hardly worth the effort, yet at the very least nobody can say us didn’t look. Head to the Recently developed Shack next to the Wilks House.

16) Recently constructed Shack

Grab “Doctor Lesko’s Password Recording” off the table and accessibility his computer. You’ll be able to discover the Lesko was messing with the ants, and is presumably responsible for their mutation into Fire Ants. You’ll additionally discover that he was functioning out of the Marigold Station. The Marigold station is simply a little bit south east of here.

17) Grady’s critical Recording

To take care of the Fire Ants in this area you deserve to rely soley top top sneak strike criticals and also your trusty Combat Shotgun. That really provides these ants a non-issue. Head south then east, there are two means to obtain to wherein you’re going. V the door come the east you’ll uncover some rooms, the an initial of which has some grenade boxes, and the 2nd has an ext loot. If girlfriend go south you’ll get in into the big metro tunnel. Go inside the ticket booth to discover a skeleton, some .32 Rounds, a .32 Pistol, and the note “Grady’s last Recording.” The recording will tell you come look because that a vital in a fire hose box in a maintenence closet. Once you have actually the crucial you need to look because that a room marked by a “spinning light”, when you have actually the package, take it to Ronald in Girdershade. Right.

18) The Tunnels, Two

There are currently two tunnels to the east you can take, the north one leads to the falls Church area the Arlington and also to the completion of this quest, therefore let’s head south first. At the area whereby the 2 tunnels connect you’ll find a Nuka-Cola machine, one ammo box and a Silenced 10mm Pistol and some 10mm ring in a locker. Past a door to the southern you’ll eventually concerned a warehouse closet v Grady’s Fire Hose crate on the wall, within of i beg your pardon is Grady’s for sure Key. Over there are likewise some drugs, boxes, and also other things for you to grab while you’re here. If you proceed south, you’ll go through one more room with some loot in it, and exit in ~ the finish of the same tunnel the north tunnel leads to.


19) cheeky Nightware

By heading under the northern tunnel you’ll eventually concerned a fork. The path east leads to the fall Church area, for this reason head south. If girlfriend stick to the left next of the tunnel you’ll discover a door near a flashing light. Go inside and loot the ammo box, very first aid box, metal box, mine box, device box… boxes of every shape and size. Additionally grab the Ripper from the shelf and also search Grady’s Safe, which consists of the fabled Naughty Nightware . That Ronald dude is trying as well hard. A Raider named Lug-Nut will arrive and threaten you for the clothes. Succeed in ~ a Speech check and he’ll go away. Death him and also he’ll walk away forever. Or you have the right to do both. If you take the Naughty Nightware come Ronald in Girdershade you can gain him to salary you 200 Caps for it, or 300 Caps, if girlfriend succeed at a Speech challenge. If you just offer it to him you’ll earn part karma. Save in mind that if you give him the Naughty Nightware you’ll never gain it back, also if you kill him.

20) doctor Lesko

Keep going till the tunnel ends, then rotate west to uncover a connecting tunnel. Close to a generator is the corpse of william Brandice, who has actually a fair amount of equipment on him, including his key. Proceed heading southern down the brand-new tunnel and also go through the door ~ above the left. You’ll find Doctor Lesko. Market to help him proceed his experiment, and also be sure to ask him to pay you for the endeavor, in which case he’ll market to give you a mutagenic enhancer as well as his old rap coat. He’ll asking you not to injury the Ant Queen in any way, yet to eliminate the swarm Guardians close to her. If girlfriend have sufficient Science girlfriend can gain him to recognize that he provided FEV to rate up the ants mutations. Head through the door come the east and also head down the stairs come the Queen Ant’s Hatchery.


For those of you that haven’t play Fallout 1 & 2 yet, FEV is short for “F(orced) E(volutionary) V(irus)”; the exact same stuff that provides Super Mutants.

Go around killing the nest Guardians, i beg your pardon are around as strong as a Fire Ant Warrior. If you hadn’t guessed, there are 5 of them. Come the southern you’ll find the Ant Queen’s hive, i beg your pardon is inhabited by, that course, the Ant Queen. You’ll discover Doctor Lesko’s Portocomp top top a desk. Before you walk grab the Big book of Science adjacent and the Nuka-Cola Quantum.

22) Ant sight or Ant Might?

Now head ago to doctor Lesko, that will market to give you a Mutagenic Bioenhancer injection, i beg your pardon will provide you either the Ant Sight or Ant Might perk. He will additionally give girlfriend his old laboratory coat if girlfriend negotiated because that it. Once you obtain your perk you can go earlier and death the Ant Queen, and also Doctor Lesko, for that matter. ~ above Lesko’s human body you’ll uncover Lesko’s Portable Terminal Access. If you destroy the Mutagen Sample you’ll acquire some karma. Now there’s just one thing left come do: return to Bryan Wilks and find out what come do about him.


If you opted to live in Tenpenny Tower and blew up Megaton (whether you got hold of the Bobblehead - Strength an initial or not) you must wait until you have Almost Perfect before getting the Ant Might perk. This means you deserve to at least get a toughness score of ten.

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23) A residence for Bryan Wilks

Go back to Bryan and ask if the knows everywhere else he have the right to stay. He’ll cite a cousin Vera, who lives in Rivet City. Rivet City? That’s right, yet one more reason to go there. The trophy/achievment for “Those!” will certainly unlock once we go there and also talk come Vera, (or as soon as you just provide up and also tell Wilks to remain here.)

We’ve explored practically everything in the south-west of the resources Wasteland and also left a trace of resolved conflicts in our wake. Now lets do a tiny something for ourselves and, because that the benefits of continuity, make our method to Galaxy News Radio. Head over to the Farragut West subway Station, just throughout the flow (east, north-east) from Super-Duper Mart.