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Fallout 4 was released ~ above the 10th of November, 2015. When introducing the game in countless shows, the developer proudly declared the fascinating quantity of name the team voiced because that the robot Codsworth. While many of this names seem come be typically used USA surnames and last names, there are countless hidden references and also easter eggs because that players to explore.

Which reminds me, if you desire to find these name yourself, climate obviously, protect against reading and go beat the game. Spoiler alarm passed.

A an extensive List that Easter Eggs and also References


If you'd play with then surname of the famed Russian-American scientific research fiction author, then Fallout 4 is an ext than glad to cater to your needs. A feasible reason for paying the author respects could be the affect his works had on the Fallout universe and also the technology it displays.


Another voiced surname taken straight from actual life. Jon Bogdanove is a renowned comic artist, yet what's much more important is his son, Kal-El Bogdanove that himself added to autumn 4 through his voice acting.


Everybody's favourite British mystery agent may show up in Fallout 4 together a voiced name. That wouldn't desire to shoot up the wasteland in style?


A recommendation to the American producer of numerous famous movies (Top Gun, Con Air, Armageddon, Pirates the the Caribbean), who was present at many Fallout 4 exhibitions, and the beginning event.


Naturally (or not?) you deserve to name her character ~ the fictional vampire slayer. That knows as soon as your character will accomplish the notorious family members from Fallout 3 and will have some vampire hunting to do.


If a bow and also arrow is what girlfriend fancy, then bring in some Hunger Games and also name her character Katniss Everdeen (both surname voiced). And may the odds be ever in her favor.


Said to be among the ideal female personalities as of so late in activity movies, the name of George Miller's character portrayed by Charlize Theron is additionally voiced and playable in Fallout 4. Spring at various other entries top top this list, it seems to be Bethesda's way of winking toward various other post-apocalyptic franchises.


When it involves comic publications in the Fallout universe, Grognak the barbaric is a must-have and must-stash. Of course, the character of Grognak self is a referral to Conan the Barbarian.

Holmes & Watson

Both names are voiced for the player's delight, so whether you want to it is in the legendary yet little bit eccentric detective or among the world's most famed sidekicks, then walk on and enjoy both British surname pronounced in every one of their glory.


Another referral to the Australian post-apocalyptic world, lord Humungus was the main antagonist in Mad Max 2: The roadway Warrior. Significant is his hockey mask, which was featured in previous Fallout games.


Numerous chairman names are featured ~ above the perform of voiced names, so if you'd choose to take it the function of the renowned family, you have Bethesda's unofficial greenlight. Simply watch her head once you space being driven approximately in her Corvega cabriolet.


Shane Liesegang to be a former Bethesda employee who left the studio in order come enlist in the Jesuit order and pursue a an ext spiritual path.


Abraham Lincoln is nearly like a deity to slaves in the Fallout universe, v the poor escaped rascals worshiping any item regarded him. Therefore it may be an appropriate selection for a surname if you want to befriend the escaped slaves.


A famed king illustrated by no various other than Sean Connery in the 1991 movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Yes, apart from that, he to be a famous British king as well as a leader taking component in the great crusade. And also how cool is having a character v the name of a king?


A many us welcomed 2015 with large anticipation in regards come October, the exact date shown in Back to the Future once Marty McFly traveled to the future. Or well, the seems like the title have to be reworked come sound something favor "Back to the much more Recent Past".


"Back to the Future"

Rlevente on Wikimedia Commons


Leonard McCoy was the chief medical officer that USS companies in the famous science fiction series of Star Trek. An elaborate a doctor character? The Bethesda gained you just the perfect name.


If you an elaborate inviting strangers to your home without much explanation then conveniently offering them different pills when staring at them till they pick one, then Morpheus is the ideal name for your character. He to be captain of the Nebuchadnezzar in the Matrix movies.


Another reference to the Matrix franchise (and possibly as result of both Fallout's and also Matrix' relationship to Plato's cave), Neo is the protagonist who ends increase . . . Let's not spoil more things right here than what must be spoiled. Just don't forget, when you leave the vault, follow the white rabbit.


Melee character? name them after ~ the renowned MMA champion that retired in 2015. It'll give you +1 strength and also endurance, because that the least. Or not.


Another post-apocalyptic reference, however, this one is towards Pendleton Ward, author and creator the Adventure Time. Yes, the children's cartoon is actually set in a post-apocalyptic civilization where quarter of the planet is swollen off and also where stays of our former people are shown for seconds.


"Adventure Time"



If you don't want to be simply a medical officer, climate take increase the surname of the character shown by the internet's favorite, sir Patrick Stewart. Perhaps if you space lucky and if the Bethesda developers are generous, you'll have a mothership (zeta?) come command.


Bernard Quatermass is a fictitious scientist created by BBC for the display The Quatermass Experiment in which the confronts angry aliens threaten humanity.


Another presidential name ripe because that the taking, particularly for those that love cost-free markets. No, sadly Thatcher is no on the list. Maybe some Bethesda employee hail indigenous the phibìc of England? that knows.


A reference to the Terminator franchise wherein Kyle Reese is the dad of future human-resistance leader john Connor. Yes, the surname Connor is additionally voiced and easily accessible to it is in played. Simply not Schwarzenegger. Wonder why . . .


If you are like me and you love the enclave, then you can pick president cock Richardson's last surname for her character. He to be featured in fallout 2 whereby the enclave still had actually a prominent presence top top the west coast.

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Yet one more Mad Max reference, Rictus is Immortan Joe's firstborn son, one eerie antagonist to oppose Max where possible. Yes, Erectus is also available for those v special desires because that character names along with many other more-vulgar sounding nicknames.